Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I asked them to write a poem.....

My one student was excited, 
  and began right away.
He was writing and rhyming,
  the whole entire day.

The Tower of Babel
One sunny day,
  I happened to say;
Let's make a tower,
  that has lots of power.

Then I said,
  with my face red;
Is God sad,
  or is He mad?

I didn't care,
for my thoughts were bare.
I was glad,
Why would God be mad?

I talked to my buddy,
but he talked funny.
Then we stopped,
our excitement dropped.

That same day,
We all went away.

My other student said see-ya!
This is a bad idea!
He sat for a long time,
without one single rhyme.

After a while he was told,
the poem didn't have to fit into a rhyming mold.
Then a few days later,
this is what was on his paper.

The Tower of Babel
O tower of babel,
O tower of babel.
Thy power was seen.
The people who built thee,
Whose thoughts were so evil.
So God liked it not,
and confused their talk.
They divided into nations,
and made their generations.

Monday, October 8, 2012

100 Reasons I am Thankful

1. for the smell of the air after the rain.
2. for the sound of pen scratching paper
3. to be able to watch a little girl learn to tie her shoes
4. to see the joy on a child's face
5. for sticky snow
6. for the love that surrounds our home
7. for a family that loves to laugh
8. for mugs of hot chocolate on a cold day
9. for the sound of leaves crunching under my feet
10. that I'm able to share a room with my lil' sisters
11. for best friends
12. for Mondays (I see it as a fresh start, because it is a new week!)
13. for seasons
14. for cool evenings during fall
15. for a fire crackling in the wood stove
16. for the brilliant colours of a sunrise
17. for letters that come in the mail (ESPECIALLY ones from Tennessee!)
18. for the sound of birds singing in the trees
19. for the stillness of the dawn
20. that Kerri is an amazing cook
21. for fresh footprints in the snow
22. for the creativity of children
23. that I can see Andy and Makayla almost everyday
24. that God gave me a big sister (love you becks!!!)
25. for fireworks
26. for the feeling of safety and security during a blizzard
27. that our family loves to spend time with each other
28. for my mom who puts the needs of her husband and family before her own.
29. for daddy who puts his heart and soul into taking care of and protecting his family
30. for the happy noises that come from Elijah's mouth
31. for my warm cozy bed
32. for my beautiful horses
33. to be able to see millions of stars nearly every night
34. for little fingers
35. that I live in a free country
36. for my amazing church family
37. that I am Canadian (eh! :)
38. for the anticipation of Christmas
39. for bees that make honey
40. for the ability to grow our own food
41. for the smell of apple blossoms
42. that I have two awesome big brothers (love you Josh and Fritzy!!)
43. that we hold hands around our table when we pray
44. that I'm able to watch my little brothers grow into manhood
45. that I woke up this morning
46. for my little niece or nephew that is in heaven
47. for God's unending mercy
48. for the smell of cinnamon buns in the oven
49. that we are planning to go to Tennessee soonerish :)
50. for the joy that the little kids bring to our home
51. for winter's daily hockey games
52. for falling snow
53. for calves born in the spring
54. for our amazing friends the Muncks
55. that leaves change colours
56. for stunning sunsets
57. for fresh cold morning air
58. for notebooks
59. for good health
60. for my bestie Elizabeth
61. for running shoes and treadmills
62. for Pastor T and his gorgeous wife Joanna
63. for all the amazing people in my life that I can look up to
64. that I can sing with mom and Ker
65. for flowers
66. that every snowflake is different
67. for family get-togethers (yesterday's was awesome!!)
68. for rainbows
69. for the glimpse of God's power shown through thunder and lightening
70. for the sun shining through the windows in the winter
71. for the miracle of new life
72. for my short walk to and from the barn every morning and evening
73. for the orange plant that is growing on the window sill
74. that my mom and dad REALLY love each other
75. for secrets that sisters share
76. that I grew up on a farm
77. that we get to see Megan and Henry at least once a week
78. that my mom knows how to act young every once in a while
79. for God's amazing grace
80. that our family works as a team
81. for my two incredible sets of grandparents
82. for every single member of my amazingly, incredibly, awesome family
83. for nicknames
84. for jeans and hoodies
85. that Becka is an amazing decorator (she helps us out A LOT :)
86. for cheesecake
87. for our sweet dog teddy
88. that I'm part of a large family
89. for the sound of frogs croaking in the summer evenings
90. that I get to teach two amazing students
91. for barbecues with friends
92. that God has blessed our family with food on the table and a roof over our heads
93. that daddy loves his children enough that he takes the time to play with them
94. for God's word
95. that Jesus died on the cross for my sins
96. that I am alive and breathing
97. for the songs that my saviour whispers into my heart
98. that God loves me
99. for my little brother who is helping me think of things that I'm thankful for so I can finish this list!!
100. that I can share what I'm thankful for.... on thanksgiving day :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

first snow

This morning I awoke to Mikaya making her bed (I sleep underneath her on a bunk bed :), all of the sudden she stopped, looked out her window, and said...
"It is almost snowing!! It is almost snowing!! Thank you God!! It is almost snowing!!"
I guess we all know what Mikaya was praying for :)

What do I say to the early snowfall?
I'm Canadian Eh, BRING-IT-ON!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

ice cream and the park

This picture is just for you Liz :) love you!!!