Thursday, April 18, 2013

Parenting Class ~ The kids

Most every year mom and dad lead a parenting class. And most every year my sisters and I offer to babysit the kiddoes of the parents that attend.
Well this year was no different, except maybe for the fact that we didn't have our AMAZING photographer, and thus not very many pictures were taken.
Buuuuuut.... I did take a few. And for the sake of the mommies and daddies of these amazing little kiddoes, I shall post them :)
Much fun was had by all!

Including "our" kids Ker and I were taking care of ten kids four and under (not to mention the fact that there were three Elijahs and two Jadens/Jaydens!), so it was a challenge... but a fun one! :)
We had some good little helpers as well!

These three little girls wiggled their way into that special place in our hearts. They are our third cousins and my goodness... they are OOO, SOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!
I seriously had to hold back tears when they walked out the door on the day of the last class. We are going to miss them!!

We couldn't resist taking some pictures with photo booth!