Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Currently we are all cozied up in a campground in Liberal, Kansas. We were able to stop for supper, and it was nice to get some fresh air and move around a bit in the great outdoors. 
The drive was great! It is kind of interesting to be traveling at a different time then what we normally do, because we get to see things that we wouldn't normally see, even though we are taking the same route. Like pumpkin fields and lots of hard working farmers. :)

We only stopped once for propane, so it was a long stretch of driving for Dad!

Throughout this day, the kids did more scavenger hunting, and we got crafty. ;)
Here are some pictures...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Well here we are again. Another evening in the camper filled to the brim with pillow throwing, picture uploading and movie watching.

We drove eight hours, not including the shopping trip at Wal-mart in Brookings, South Dakota. That first shopping trip is always huge as we have to buy so many basics. So... it took a while. :)

It was a great first day. Michael does great with sleeping in the RV, which is awesome and makes things a lot easier! Our day was spent scavenger hunting, colouring, playing with electronics, and doing lots of cuddling.

We are now in Souix City, Iowa spending the night at a campground. I took few pictures today, just because you can only take so many pictures of so many people while you are doing so many hours of driving. :)

Until tomorrow!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Come along...

I know I had said that I would be posting here every week. I guess life got the best of me. It is almost mid-night already, the young kids are asleep, but for all of us old people *smile* our minds are still alive, and will be for some time.
All fourteen of us are headed out on another family adventure in the morning, so... the packing continues.

I am tired. But I wanted to quickly write a pre-trip post so that y'all would know what is going on.

We planned this trip so quickly that it is hard to wrap my brain around the fact that we are actually leaving tomorrow. Usually we have weeks to prepare, but in a bout of spontaneity we decided a few days before the fact that we would be taking off while there was a lull in the field work.

Needless to say. This household has been going crazy.

I hope to blog pictures and stories every day again as I have our other trips (when wifi allows of course. :)
We don't exactly know where we are going, but every one of us loved traveling to Arizona last year, so I imagine that we will end up back there again. In our family, part of the adventure is not planning ahead, but rather just living every day as it comes.

So... come along and join us for this addition of, a Pauls family vacation!

Oh, and in other news. I got my hair cut last week. Really short. Like shorter then I have had it since I was nine years old. It has been a huge change! But I wanted a change and get a fresh start with those split ends. 
Sorry for going on and on, but hair is kind of a big deal to me. :)



Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I have this funny habit when I am doing something, or thinking something and I decide to change what I am doing or steer my thoughts in a different direction I will say "Actually" out loud and then proceed to do or think what I had changed my mind to do...or think. It happens most often around the animals, they don't mind it to much. :)
(Don't worry, there is a reason that I shared this random bit of information.)

The other day I was looking on Pinterest  (I recently got my own account, so I spend a little bit more time on there then I used to. :) and I came across this quote;

It is only three words.
But these three words can hold such power in our lives if we really understand their inspirational meaning, and learn to believe it.

How many times when we are walking this journey called life do we tell ourselves "I can't"? We make up our minds before we try, or we begin to try but find the going hard and give up in defeat?

I know there are areas in my own life that I have looked at and decided that it was way to difficult to overcome. That the giants were to big to slay. The mountains to treacherous to climb.

Most of us know the verse in the bible that says "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." but do we really understand it's meaning? 
I can do ALL things with the help of Christ. All. Even those things that are seemingly impossible. Those things that you have been trying for years to do or conquer. 

Instead of believing the lie of "I can't", change your mind and tell yourself, actually... I can.
The biggest battle is in your mind, determining that you have the ability to do it, to overcome it, to be it.
"I can" is a promise from God. When I realized this and grabbed a hold of that promise, believing that I could do all things, and asking Jesus for His help, I began to win.

Whenever I feel doubt begin to creep back into my thoughts, I try to remember the promise. The one that tells me "You've got this!", the one that erases the fear, and builds confidence and strength in my life. 

When the "I can't" begins to speak loudly in your heart, change the direction of your thoughts and say;

Actually, I can. 
Because He promised.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Harvest Vlog

Have you ever wondered what a day of harvest at the Pauls farm is like?
Well, My mom, sisters and I took some video on one such day and I put them together to bring you this vlog.
I hope that you all enjoy this peek into our life these days!

I would also like to wish my mom a VERY happy birthday!! I love you mama!!