Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekend's extension...

Mom and Dad,

Here we are, day eight.
We have survived an entire week plus one day without you. 
Upon the arrival of tomorrow's tomorrow's tomorrow (Lord willing)… you will come through our front door and be greeted by the children that have been missing you each and every day.

Today we declared the arrival of another extended weekend.
We hope to make the last of these days fun, for the kiddoes and for us big people too :)
Nothing extremely dramatic or exciting happened today.
Except for that Kerri made crepes… the kids were happy about that!

OH… and I guess the fact that we got to do a video chat with you on Skype was pretty exciting! 
The kids all REALLY enjoyed that, I mean… you heard them right?!?! :)

Ah, the dirty screen. Yes, it does look terrible. And yes, I will clean it immediately :)

The person's name drawn for gift opening today was Brooke!

 Somehow it is almost midnight again.
These evening hours slip by faster then should be allowed.

I loved seeing pictures of both of you with the dolphins today. You played with both my favourite (dolphin) and least favourite (shark) of the sea creatures. 
#imgladyouarestillalive #ihopeyougavethedolphinsakissforme

Tonight it is supposed to get to an extreme windchill of minus fifty-one degrees. 
We basically had to keep the wood stoves going all day long today in order for it to stay warm in the house. It is really hard to imagine that spring is just around the corner!

Anyway, I am beginning to ramble.
Time for bed! :)

Love you, miss you!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hockey and burgers...

Mom and Dad,

After the usual amount of schooling, cleaning, working out and relaxing (aka… staring at a computer screen :) we went to Josh and Rebecca's house for supper.
Grandma and Grandpa Rowley were there as well.
We had a fun evening of eating (num, num food!), watching a Jets game and re-watching/looking at the videos and pictures you sent.

Ker fell in love with this stuffed frog :)

We had cake to celebrate Josh and Becks anniversary.

This picture made Ker and I laugh our heads off. 
So not Eli :)

Ker's name got picked today for gift opening.
I think these pictures say that she liketh her gift very mucheth!!

So ya, that was our day!
Love you, miss you!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blustery day...

Mom and Dad,

We did not do much of anything today. 
Besides some school in the morning and a bit of cleaning that is.

Since we have been communicating on Skype today, there is really not much else to tell you about. 
And since we didn't do much, I barely took any pictures.
So this will be short!

Jes had his gift opening turn today.
He played with his new toy all day :)

Here is lil' Eli on his potty throne.

There was a high windchill this morning. 
And we got a short blizzard early this afternoon.
We thought about you and all of the sun that you are currently soaking up. 
Make sure that you enjoy it especially much for all us Canadians!

One more day gone by.
We all huddled around the computer this morning to see the pictures and videos that you sent.
The kids were all wondering if the old buildings were in the bible. :) 
They thought that they were pretty cool!

That's it that's all.
We hope that you have a super FUN day tomorrow!
Love you, miss you!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sister fun day...

Mom and Dad,

Today was a full day!
We did a half day of school before doing some cleaning. (cranking up the tunes once again! :)

Eli found the spray bottle during that time and decided to get some sweet revenge :)

Megan and Si came over late morning and we had lunch together.
 Ker had the idea of taking a trip down memory lane and making blizzards together with Megs for us.
And they did so...

Of course Meg had to do what she does best… sugar up those babies!!

Things got a little bit intense in the kitchen, but no worries, they made up afterwards :)

We did much sisterly fun and much nephew cuddling :)

After Megs and Si left, the remainder of us had a popcorn party.

I loved seeing all the pictures from your exertions today! It looked like loads of fun! I know the kids will be excited to see them tomorrow!
Eli was calling for you today. I asked him "where is mommy?" and he said "mommy gone, daddy gone". I think he misses the both of you! He seemed to have a special need for cuddles today.
Bob and Josh did a bunch of chores today, grinding and what-not. Some of the boys braved the minus forty degree wind chill and played hockey this afternoon.

My name was picked to open a gift today.
My attempt to take pictures of myself with the gift didn't go so swell. I even did the hated "duck lip" thing...

It was late at night...

I do LOVE the necklace!!

Anyway. Thanks for the gift! I loved it, but I have to say that I loved the words more! I dare say that I will most likely be seen reading them every day until your return.

Love you, miss you!