Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Today is a special day...

Hello there all of Jen's blog fans out there. This is Megan Froese her little sister reporting live from her comfy home. You may be wondering why I am here writing a post and not the most fantastic Jennifer herself. Well I dear friends of Jennifer's have a very important message to tell you (that I am sure she was not going to tell you herself) 
22 years ago today thee most amazing Jennifer herself made her first appearance in this world.Yes it is true today is her BIRTHDAY, time to CELEBRATE!! :)

God blessed me with such an amazing sister, she has inspired me more times then she probably know's ;)

Jennifer is a pretty cool gal, if you don't know her..well to bad for you cause she is just that cool :) She has such a big heart for other people and a determination towards life that I admire. She loves a good challenge! She is training for a 10k and I have no doubt in my mind that she is going to be able to do it because if she has her mind set towards a goal she'll most likely make it! 

She has become such a beautiful young women and I am proud to call her my sister :) 

Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!

 So I would like you all to wish this beautiful gal a happy 22nd birthday! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Like my new blog look?

MEEE too!!
I can brag about it cuz' it was my amazing sister (with help from big brother! :) that done it!
I could not say enough good things about my lil' sis. I have watched her talent grow from itsy bitsy (since the that day that you were given that little olympus camera!) to GINORMOUS!
And I'm NOT being biased,.
Have you seen her work lately???
I mean seriously.... if you are in the area, look her up! Not only is she an amazing photographer/designer/creative genius, but she is also SUPER sweet and REALLY awesome to work with!

THANK YOU Megs!!! (and big brother!! :)
For the pics, and the new blog look! and the fact that you are gonna make me auntie again... but that is totally off subject :)
Love you!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spirit Sands Hike

It was morning.
The sky was clear.
The weather was perfect.
And the people were happy.

After a quick check of the main map.... we were off.

Our destination?
The punch-bowl.

We took a short detour to a "higher" location (the lookout).
 Every one of the cellphone/smartphone deprived people pulled out their devices. (that IS what the lookout was made for right?!?!?!)

Oh... and we took some pictures :)

After awhile, we arrived at the dunes... and it was PLAY TIME!!!

We resumed our walking and after 3 more miles we came to what we assumed was the punch bowl.

We looked, and thought it was very pretty, but we wondered why it wasn't as exciting as we thought it would be??
But being the positive people that we are... we just smiled, looked some more, smiled some more and then began the long walk back
Unbeknown to us... our Pastor T had found another trail and had found (and seen) what was the ACTUAL punch-bowl.
By the time word got to us, it was to late to turn around.
So we never did get to see this mysterious punch-bowl
But some day we will hike the 7k again.... and we will see it.

For now we are happy for the memory of the hike with some of our favourite people.
To the punch-bowl. 
That we never saw. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lighthouse Church Camping Trip (part 1)

Last week Wednesday we pulled out of our yard with our rigs (aka campers) and headed to Kiche Manitou Campground. 
Having anticipated this trip for many weeks already, we decided to head out early and make the weekend trip an almost-a-full-week trip.

Most of these pictures are only of our family as when the others, (church peoples) arrived I let the more experienced photographers take over :)
Part 2 will be pics of our trip to the sand dunes.

So anyhoo.... I'll let the pictures do the talking!
Please excuse all the less then great quality pictures.... one day I'll get me a better camera!!

Fun that was not or could not be pictured:

  • Early morning walk with my bestie (Ker) in the muddy trails
  • Singing songs while stuffed in our camper as a hail storm passed through
  • Setting my alarm clock and hearing the boys clapping and cheering when I got it set up
  • Early morning run with AMAZIN' friends
  • Hikin' up a big hill with the fam (kicked myself for forgetting the camera!!)
  • Riding around the campground in the truck box with all the kids
  • Lotsa bike riding (mostly to the bathrooms :)
  • Volleyball and a SUPER fun water game 
  • Outdoor church service
  • Sitting around the campfire the last evening talking about what we all want to do when we grow up :)
  • Pancake breakfast with the church fam.
  • Spending much time talking and having a blast with the most amazing family on the planet!!(church family too!)
  • And much... much more :)