Friday, July 26, 2013

Like my new blog look?

MEEE too!!
I can brag about it cuz' it was my amazing sister (with help from big brother! :) that done it!
I could not say enough good things about my lil' sis. I have watched her talent grow from itsy bitsy (since the that day that you were given that little olympus camera!) to GINORMOUS!
And I'm NOT being biased,.
Have you seen her work lately???
I mean seriously.... if you are in the area, look her up! Not only is she an amazing photographer/designer/creative genius, but she is also SUPER sweet and REALLY awesome to work with!

THANK YOU Megs!!! (and big brother!! :)
For the pics, and the new blog look! and the fact that you are gonna make me auntie again... but that is totally off subject :)
Love you!!

1 comment:

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Yup I totally agree!! she is super amazing!!
PS Andy says that auntie Jen is sleeping in the picture on the right hand side of your blog. :)