Friday, January 16, 2015

Come home

Finally. The day you come home!
The house was a buzz all day, the kids were extra energetic; fuelled by the excitement of your impending return. :)

Jesse got to open his gift this, the last day. I felt kind of sorry for him, that he had to be last, but I guess it had to be somebody! 

We did Brooke's chosen activity, carried over from yesterday. More painting pictures!

Jesse chose to play hockey. He and the boys did so right after supper.
The rest of us spent our afternoon/evening cleaning and catching some final laze time.

Then, you came home.
Oh, happy day! :)

We had fun while you were gone, but we are so glad that you have come home!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A few

A few days gone by, few pictures taken.
Days eight, nine and ten were filled with spending time with the people that we love most.

Monday the boys went to work in the morning. At home we did some school, some working out and some relaxing. The guys had floor hockey in the evening, so Becka came over and we had a girl party :) (we love her!!!)
The only pictures I took of this day were of Kerri opening her gift...

Tuesday. Once again, the boys worked in the morning. We got some school done. Megan came over with Silas for lunch (YAY!!). 
We made us some chicken fajitas, talked some sister talk, and did some nephew cuddling. Becka came over to help us. :)
We love this girl!! <3

I opened my gift in the evening. What can I say? You know me! :)
The boys played hockey in the evening with Josh and the Penner boys. Ker and I decided to stay in the warm house :)

Excuse the mirror smudge... please.

Wednesday we did a bit of school before doing some mad cleaning. Washing floors, scrubbing toilets and the like. :)
Tony, Joanna and their kids came over to spend the afternoon/early evening with us. The guys had an airsoft gun war and rode on the snowmobile while us girls did what we do best (can you guess?? :).
We had a blast!!
The kiddoes were finally able to go outside and play, because it was FINALLY not the kind of weather in which your exposed skin freezes in five minutes!!! They were happy this day :)

Brooke got to open her gift in the evening. We decided to wait until the next day for her to pick an activity as we didn't have much time in the evening to do it before bedtime. 

Everyone was super excited that we only had ONE more sleep until you come home!!! We had so much fun... but we are pumped to all be together again!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

On the Seventh Day

We did it! We survived a whole week!! :)
We went to church this morning. Pastor T read the story of Samuel and Eli (1 Samuel 3); Elijah kept on saying "Did he said I laid down? Did he said "he ran to Eli"... to me?". He was so excited that Pastor Tony was talking about him :). 

Afterwards went to Grandma and Grandpa Pauls' for some "Chicken Chef". We visited for a bit before heading homers.

Bob's name got picked, he liked his new shirt :)

He decided to play "Apples to Apples". 
We. Had. Fun. :)

The rest of the the day we rested. :)
We had another "Extreme Cold Warning" overnight/in the morning. I feel a slight longing for the long ocean walks in the sunshine that I hear you are enjoying. :) You sure picked a great time to escape the Canadian winter!
Love you, miss you!