Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The day that numbers one

Hey all!
The time has come once again for my parents to take their yearly kidless vacation. Once again they decided to head to Mexico.
I usually do a daily post for the purpose of letting them know how we are doing, however, this time Mom and Dad have no wifi. 
But, I decided that I am going to write to them anyway. Because they can read it when the get back, it is fun, and I promised some dear friends that I would do it... :)

So, yesterday was the first day.

Hey! We survived the first day... YAY!! :)
We were in the middle of doing school with the kids this morning when we heard that you had landed in Mexico! It is so hard to believe that you are where the sky is sunny and the weather is warm!
As I already mentioned, we did do school today. It was a little bit of a challenging morning, being the first day back at school since Christmas break. But we managed to get through all the things forgotten and were able to finish only about an hour late. :)

We spent the early part of the afternoon getting the house cleaned together. It didn't take long, many hands makes light work!

The kids were super excited to hear that you left us with a basket of goodies again!! Zachary's name was the one drawn today, so he got to open his gift. I think he liked his new movie! :)

Ker and I decided that whoever's name gets picked for the gift also got to choose an activity to do in the afternoon. The only rule... no electronics included. :)
It was super cold outside today, so we couldn't do anything outside. Zach chose floor hockey.

We played a fooseball version where everyone had to be stationary, as well as (shall we say) the high impact version ;) We didn't bust through any walls, and your floor is still relatively intact... success! :)

After getting all nice and sweaty, we sat down to watch "Dolphin Tale 2" together.
It was a really good movie!

Since we were on a relaxing role... we spent most of the rest of the day doing just that. :) 
And that is the completion of day one!

We hope that you are having a blast! 

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