Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The snakes have been drawn...

Well, you sure did pick a great time to escape this blessed country! It was only minus forty degrees windchill this day. :)
We once again did school in the morning. The kids had gotten up early to get a headstart on their schoolwork, I heard Jesse walking around before six, and found him doing his math by the heater in the mud room. Hence... we finish school earlier then usual.

It was Jaden's turn to open his gift, he was so excited about his puzzle and movie!! He did his puzzle a couple of times throughout the day. :) 

Jaden decided that he wanted us all to draw snakes.
So we did draw snakes! :)

The rest of our day was spent chilling... mostly. :)
We were excited to hear that you were able to spend some time in the ocean today! This evening Elijah came up to me and asked "Is mommy gone?".  I think he misses his favourite people! 
Anyway, we hope you are having a blast! Miss you!!

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