Saturday, January 10, 2015

Two in one

It is catch up time! Day four was Joey's birthday (and your's too dad! Happy Birthday!! :)! Joe wanted Quicky Sticky Buns for brunch...

Since it was Joey's birthday, he was the one that got to open his gift. 

When I asked him what he wanted to do today he said that he wanted to see mommy and daddy. We played a game of pictionary instead :)

Can you guess what he wanted to do for the rest of the day??? Ya, uh-huh... he played wii for much of the day. It was all that he wanted to do!

We had a supper of hamburgers, hotdogs and chocolate pudding. (per his request of course :)

Day six started off with the news that one of our cattle waterers was broken. Bob and I spent half the day looking for parts, running to town to get parts and then putting it back together. Thankfully Josh was able to come home in-between hauling his loads of grain to help us out and to tell us how to finish. Bob did amazing figuring everything out and getting the job done... I would have been lost without him! Zach and Jesse also helped, keeping the cows away from the waterer and thawing things out. 

While I was gone, Kerri got Mikaya to open her gift, and she chose to paint for her activity. Ker took these pictures in my absence...

After the issues outside were resolved, the boys and I were finally able to relax. Unfortunately we didn't get much school done... but hope to get back on schedule on Monday!

In the evening we had a huge slumber party complete with popcorn, skittles and a movie. Most of the kids decided to sleep on the living room floor for the night, while the rest of us found our beds.

We miss you guys, but are glad to hear of all the fun that you are having!

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