Tuesday, March 15, 2016

An update of the random kind

The other day my young friend reminded me that I have not posted on my blog in a while. Quite a while, actually. 
(I know, I have not been a very good blog writer lately. I hope to fix that.)

Here she is with me in the picture below. I love her.

This same sweet friend of mine suggested that I do a random blog post. So... phone pictures. Can't get more random than that right? :) 

I have recently started an instagram account (@niferrose). *Let the random-ness begin.*
Most of these pictures are from there. Just thought you might like to know that for some odd reason.

The last post I published was on Kerri's birthday.
A couple of days afterwards, the parents and I went with her to the city to celebrate.
Well, first we sat in the waiting room of a clinic. But then after that we celebrated. :)

Nuburger. Have you ever been there? Gourmet burgers galore. And sweet potato fries. I fell in love with their sweet potato fries. Have I mentioned that they are huge?

Huge yummy burger for the birthday girl.

We had some quality girl time. Mostly shopping, like I said.. quality.
Value Village was just a hop and a skip away from the hotel, so we went twice. For a couple of hours.

Matchy Matchy! #wedidnotplanthis #tovaluevillagewego

Kitchen renovations. We are deep in them right now. Since we, or should I say Dad, is building them himself, things are kind of crazy around our house right now.

Before we returned home, there was a lot of kitchen reno shopping that went on. Since Ker was not able to walk around to much, we spent time on a bench seat in the van. Talking, laughing... and like the good old days, I read out loud from a book. I learned that I am not the greatest out-loud reader in the world. But it was fun anyway.

Since our renovations began, Mikey has been having a blast exploring. This little cutie has been growing up so fast!

Our school season is coming to a close soon. In one month to be exact. 
This little guy below is left handed. Which means that he has a lefty brain. Which means that he has the unique, untaught talent of spelling his name in mirror image. 
He is so much fun to teach though, such a determined little fellow. And he loves to learn.

I taught him how to write his name. His little lefty brain taught him how to write it in mirror image.

I have hit the road running, beginning last week. My biggest motivation is the race that I am hosting as a fundraiser for our church. My brothers and Dad are also going to be running in the race, it has been fun to train alongside them!
The first couple of run sessions were horrible. It was no fun. Yesterday I must have been annoying to the others because I kept commenting on how excited I was that I was enjoying myself! To sum it up... YAY, I love running. :)
Oh, and if you ever need some extra inspiration to keep you going during training, just get someone to ride beside you on a unicycle. My little brother (the red headed one) rode two miles against some pretty high winds. Have you ever tried riding a unicycle? Ya, me neither.

First run of the year with my boys! #brothers #highfiveruntraining #realizinghowoutofshapeiam

We had another birthday in the family a couple of weeks ago. Elijah is very creative. It is fun to watch him draw, so much imagination.
Instead of making a cake for him, since he loves to create things, I decided that we would make a cake together. 
It didn't matter that we ended up with a messy purple and green tractor, all that mattered was that we made some good memories.

It may not be pretty... but we made it together! Happy birthday E!
#makingmemories #birthdaycake #elijahhudson

There are moments when the realization hits me that I have a crazy huge amount of siblings. Most of the time it happens when I am dishing out a meal (and the plates just won't stop coming!). But the other day, Ker and I took the sibs to see a movie.
When we left the house it felt like we were just taking a few of the sibs along. But when we went to buy the tickets, I literally had a train (a long train!) of kids following behind me. I was like, ya... I have a lot of siblings.
We had a blast. As the years go by, this group just keeps getting more fun to hang out with!

Eating DQ with my darlin' little sis after taking a bunch of the sibs to see #zootopia.
Family, ice-cream and a movie... don't get much better than that! :)

As spring approaches, so does calving season. I always feel the farm girl in me rise to take over during this time of the year. So far, the weather has been encouraging! I am just praying that we don't get a cold snap just when those babies start coming. Cause that would mean little sleep for me.

Last year, I did not ride my horses at all.
This year, that is going to change. 
I miss it.
They miss it.
I am excited.

Sometimes you just need a hug. A horsey hug. <3 Getting excited to ride... soon!

Lastly, a picture of this cutie.
That smile has completely stolen this auntie heart.

And that is all.
I am random-ed out.