Monday, May 7, 2018

Engagement Pictures and Wedding Details

Hey all! 
Let me start out by saying, "AHHHHH!!!! I'M GETTING MARRIED IN 40 DAYS!!!!" there, just had to get that out of my system.
Having a fiancé has been every dream come true. Ben and I have had a BLAST planning for our big day together. I remember one night, when we were still new in our relationship, Ben asked what my dream wedding was. Since I was a little girl I've always dreamed of having a small outdoor wedding in June. Little did I know that God would bring me a man who had exactly the same wedding dreams. So it wasn't hard for us to decide and agree on wedding plans.

The same night we got engaged, we locked down a date (after talking about it for most of the night :). June 16, 2018, the day we begin our forever.

Having both wanted a small, intimate wedding... it was hard to choose who to invite. When you both have large families, it is not easy to keep the numbers down! We threw around the idea of having a picnic wedding with just immediate family, but soon scratched that and invited the closest family and friends. We would have loved to have every one of our friends and family there, but knew that if we wanted to keep it small, we couldn't do that. 

Next was the location. This, we took a LONG time to decide, having this location not work, and that one not available. In the end, we decided that the perfect place would be on our yard-to-be.

Rustic. Country. Us.
Barbecue and a bonfire.
Our goal is to get married, and have a party with the ones we love most.

As each day passes, and June 16th gets closer and closer... I'm really starting to feel like it is crunch time! I have always been the person that gives ideas for plans, but then passes it to someone else to carry it out, so this wedding planning business has been stretching for me at times! But I'm learning to take it one detail at a time, and just to enjoy the whole process. 

We have also been working to get our house move-in ready. I had never thought about all the work it takes to get a household up and running, but it has been so much fun making the little yellow house ours. Painting, a few renovations, buying furniture and supplies... with much help from our families, the inside is ready to go! 
We are now busy with getting our yard wedding ready.

So ya, I think that about catches you all up on us. :)
I'll leave you with the engagement pictures that my sister took. Which, I am SUPER happy with. Meg is and has been and will always be my favourite photographer, and I'm not just saying that. I was SO excited when she agreed to photograph our wedding. (*happy dance!*) Her skills have been a part of my wedding dreams since I started having wedding dreams. ;)
Anyway, here are the pictures...