Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Family Trip 2016; Part 2 - *Vlog*

I finally got around to finishing all of the trip vlogs... woohoo! :)
Here is Part 2, all about our time in Tuscon, Arizona.
I've been trying to work on improving the quality when I upload to YouTube, but I can't figure it out... so less than stellar quality it is. I'll keep trying. :)
Anyway, hope you enjoy the video!

Monday, May 8, 2017

One Heart at a Time

Earlier in the year, I was correcting my brother's science school work. He was studying biology and was in the section about the human body. This particular lesson was about the beginning of life, learning about how babies survive and grow in the mother's womb ect. Also in this lesson, he learned about the horrible facts surrounding abortion. He was asked to write a description of each type of abortion method, and when he was finished, he looked at me and said "This is really sad. With each different method, the babies are literally being tortured."
While I read his work, I wanted to just sit there and cry. Yes, I knew it all already, but it is easy to stuff it, you know? It is not until you read about it in a book, or see evidence of it on the internet that it becomes more real. And my heart breaks.

I got to thinking about the election in the USA. I mean, it was hard to ignore, being all over they news and social media. I read a blog post, where the blogger stated that even though there are glaring issues in both parties, she would definitely be voting one way because of the restrictions that person placed on abortion.
That then got me to thinking about our abortion laws, or lack thereof. And that got me looking up the abortion rates in Canada vs the USA.
I found that since 1988, there have been no criminal abortion laws in Canada, yet, as of 2014, our abortion rates are not only dropping, but are also lower than that of the the United States.
All of this lead me to wonder, in regarding to our country's morality, is there so much weight in who is president, or what laws are passed?
Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that we don't need them. Nor am I saying that the work people do in the pro-choice movement is for nothing. I can't even pretend to know what comes out of their efforts.

What I am saying is this. The bible says in Romans 13:1 that there is no authority/power established except for what is ordained by God. Yes we can pray, petition, rally, and do all we can to influence what happens in our government, but nothing catches God by surprise.
When you whittle everything down, it comes to one person. One woman that is desperately searching for the answer to her problems, one heart that needs to be reached with love and acceptance. One life that could be saved if we would just take the time to listen to God, and listen to people.

After thinking through all of this, I asked myself the question. What can I change in my life, so that I can reach that one person? Because you know, there are far more issues in our world than abortion. At this moment, there are millions of people that have lost all hope. That hopeless and desperation manifests itself in so many ways.

Recently I stumbled across a pregnancy care center called "Hope Now Family Concepts".
It had been on my heart for a long time to volunteer at such a place, but never took action to these promptings.
After being out-of-the-blue asked to consider volunteering there by a friend, and encouraged to do so by my Dad, I decided to listen to that still small voice, and signed up to volunteer.

In the car, returning home from my first day working at the Hope Home, the tears rolled down my face.
I was overwhelmed by the amount of connection and compassion I felt for the residents. I was encouraged to see Jesus in the hearts of the Houseparents, and to hear stories of how God had used them to be His hands and feet.

"This is what God calls us all to do", the thought repeated itself over and over as I drove. He wants us to love. To make a difference in the lives of His children.
I felt His heart in a new way.
I was blessed.

And you know, you don't have to work at a pregnancy care centre to touch the lives of the hurting.
Every day, we have the opportunity to share the hope that we have. We never know the kind of influence that we can have on other's lives. That is why it is so important to be ready. Ready with an act of love, a smile, a hug, a kind word.
Even to those people that may seem strange, or crazy, it is often they that need good influence in their lives.
Even to those that are withdrawn or people who seem to have it all together. Sometimes their heart is crying out for someone to just listen and understand what they are going through. Believe me, I have been one of those people.

Take action today, and make a difference for Christ, one heart at a time.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Boy's Birthday

Anyone else out there super excited about the amazing weather that we have been having?
I sure am!
It felt like this winter past would last forever... but here we are, in our summer garb, enjoying the sunshine!

Today is my nephew Brendan's fourth birthday.
It seems like yesterday that we met his sweet little face for the first time, and here he his... all growed up. :)

Becca invited us to roast hot dogs over a campfire to celebrate. 
You may notice from the pictures that some of us are missing, they were working in the fields, seeding time is upon us!

These were his expressions when he saw his birthday present... a new bike! 

Cake by Becca. :)

Love all these peeps. <3

 Boys will be boys...

Happy birthday Bird! Auntie loves you. <3

Sunday, April 23, 2017

2016 Family Trip Vlog (part 1)

Hi. :)
First of all, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone out there who showed love and support following my last post. Our family was blown away, and felt every single one of your prayers. You were all God's instruments in starting the healing process, so once again... THANK YOU!

The other day, I finally got to putting together the first vlog in our 2016 family trip series. 
I know, it took me a while! Normally I would have had time during school hours, in between grading and helping with homework, but this year I was teaching a 3rd grader, which requires a lot more attention than high school students! So now that our school year is finished... it is time to vlog. :)
Anyway, here it is. Part 1!

Monday, April 17, 2017

If you think I'm controlled... read this

I'm not the ranting type. I don't like to come on social media and rave about things that are upsetting me just to get it off my chest.

But today, I feel like I need to make a statement, so that people can stop misunderstanding, and know where I stand.
So, as the title suggests, if you are of the mindset that I am a victim that is trapped in a family of fourteen, emotionally held in my home against my will... then read on. If not, maybe you should skip this post, because what I am about to write may get a little, shall we say "loud".

This is not an emotionally charged post. I may not even hit the publish button, because I have debated with myself for days on whether or not this is the right thing to do. But the more days that went by, the more certain I became that there are people in my life that need to hear this. Instead of confronting one by one, I'm just going to write it, let it out, in one big generalized letter, because I do understand that there may be a wide variety of people that hold me in this regard.

Our family has gone through a rough time these past couple of weeks. By rough, I mean this is as low as it has ever gotten for us. I'm not going to go into any specifics, but I will say that rumours have been milling and swelling by people that we trusted, causing great damage to the leader of our home, and therefore causing a lot of damage to us all.

I have had to deal a lot with anger, because I have seen someone that I love being stabbed in the back over, and over again. I have seen hurt like never before, and I have seen the best of intentions being mistook for the worst, for no cause other than prejudice.

Some may think that attacking Dad wouldn't affect the rest of us, because we are, in some views, the "victims". But we are not. Every stab that has been directed on him has been felt by all of us.

Some people have it in their heads that I don't have an opinion.
I don't have a choice.
I don't have a voice.
Well, hear me roar. My voice is about to be heard.

I am twenty five years old, living in my parent's home, under my Dad's leadership.
This is not normal, I will acknowledge that.
But, just because it is not normal, doesn't mean it is not what I want.

This is a life that I have chosen. I am not trapped here, I love it here.
Within the protection of my family, I am able to live out my dreams in ways that the judgemental couldn't even imagine.
Some say "She isn't allowed to get a job", what the heck do you know? Maybe I do have a job that you don't know about, maybe I don't want a job. The point is STOP JUDGING.
Stop pointing fingers, stop spreading lies, just stop.
If you have a concern, talk to me or my family about it. I am not trapped, nor brain washed, so I will tell you the truth.

Through this hardship, we have come to see true colours. We have noticed the people that don't necessarily agree with us, but they respect us for who we are. For them, we are extremely grateful.
That is all we ask for really.
You won't see us doing hurtful things, and spreading rumours for the way that other people choose to live their lives, all we ask is for the same courtesy to be shown to us.

I will close out by saying this.
My family is a team. These past couple of weeks we have been up all hours of the night talking through what has happened and how we are going to deal with it.
Through this hardship we have drawn closer then we ever have before.
We are unstoppable, we will not be broken, TOGETHER we are strong.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dream List #61

This post is from my other blog "Awakening My Heart", I am re-posting because it tells the story of Dream List number sixty-one. 

On the heels of an adventure, I have lots to write about. This particular excursion was different than any that I have taken before. First it involved only four people, (which is about one fourth the people that I am used to traveling with). Second, we flew to our destination (which was a first for me!). Thirdly, I did not bring my camera, or post any blog posts telling about our trip (which was, I must admit... slightly freeing). Finally, it was a BUSY trip (which was albeit different, very awesome. :).
If you want to see pictures from the trip, I posted a few on instagram (@niferrose).

Lets start at the beginning, shall we?
I have flown on a small aircraft before, but never a jet. I was slightly nervous, only because I was afraid of being that person who needed the barf bag. Mostly, I was excited. I was excited to leave the world behind, rise above the clouds, and see creation from a different perspective.

I didn't have a window seat that first flight, but I was close enough to watch as we rose through layer upon layer of clouds. Once we completed our ascent, (which was accelerating and fascinating I might add... it takes little to entertain me ;) I put in my headphones and turned on my current favourite song "What a Beautiful Name" by Hillsong Worship. I glanced out the window, straining to see the earth beneath as the clouds gave way to patches of clear sky. When the words
"You have no rival. You have no equal. Now and forever God you reign. Your's is the kingdom. Your's is the glory. Your's is the name above all names."
sounded through my headphones, I understood more clearly than I ever have before.
From this new perspective that I was experiencing, my problems seemed smaller, my God seemed bigger, and my worries seemed less significant.
With thousands of miles whizzing by underneath, tears began rolling down my cheeks (the flight attendants were probably wondering what on earth happened to the poor girl sitting on row 17 :), as a feeling of peace swept over me.
The greatness of God, who made the sea, the earth, and all that in them is, became more real to me in that moment.

I found safety and comfort in the words "You have no rival. You have no equal. You reign.", because I could see it in the billowing clouds. The unmatched majesty.

So, my first flight was good. :)
The second flight I got a window seat (yay!), and left some forehead grease on it because I had my nose to the window most of the time. We were also behind the wing, which I liked better because I could see, not just feel, the direction we were turning. And found it humorous (like I said, it takes little to entertain me!) when the wings shook through turbulence. We had to fly around a storm also, which was cool. Them storm clouds. Wow.

So ya, two thumbs up for flying!