Thursday, October 8, 2015

Days 8 and 9

Hey all! I tried to blog yesterday, but our computer was doing funny things, so I wasn't able. Anyway... Tuesday it rained. Although we were able to have a swim in the morning, it poured rain from noon until supper time. So... we all chilled in the camper, watched movies. :)
Yesterday was back to a regular vacation day. Lots of swimming, resting and sweating... both in the sunshine and in the fitness centre.
Now... a few pictures.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 6 and 7

Ya, I skipped a day. I have to do it at least once during the vacation y'all. :)
We have been having a blast here. Lots of doing the same thing, and having fun doing it. 
The weather has been amazing! So we have been soaking it in as much as we can!
I'll leave you with some pics from the last couple of days.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 5

After a breakfast of pancakes this morning, we all headed out to the pool for a swim before beginning our travels once again. Today's destination, Tuscon.
We stopped for groceries before arriving at our favourite campground. We picked some lemons, made some lemonade, went for another swim and finished the day off with a workout. It was a good day, and now we feel like we are at our home away from home. All of us were really excited to stay at this campground again, especially the kiddoes, they love this place! We are booked here for a week, so settle in folks, we will be here a while. :)

As we got closer to Tuscon, these cacti began to overtake the hills beside the interstate.