Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to Jennifer!!

Hey! This is Jennifer's mom! I interrupt Jen's blog for a little bit to tell you something very special!
It's Jen's birthday!!!!

I can't think of anyone who loves to celebrate life more than Jennifer! She has this way about her that just brings excitement and fun to life! One of her favorite sayings are, "It'll be an adventure!!!" And that's what life is to BIG adventure!

As you know, Jen is a very precious young lady. She loves the Lord, she loves people. I know many of you have been blessed and challenged by Jen's blog. She has a way of putting things into words that make you think, encourage you on and challenge you in your walk with the Lord.

So today, take the time to say Happy Birthday and tell Jen what her blog has meant to you....tell her what she means to you. Give her a big blog hug, I know she'll appreciate it!!!!

Sombody's Birthday...

Jennifer is turning 21 today!!
So it's only right for me (Megan) to hack her blog and share some pictures with you :) 
Jennifer is an amazing person. I am so glad that I get to call her my big sister.

She is an amazing big sister to all her siblings. 
 She is a HARD worker.

She is totally amazing at plucking chickens feathers. 

She is a great friend. 

 and sister in law
 and daughter :)

She loves playing sports and is very competitive! 

She's a cowgirl and loves being with her horses.



 In Harvest she's the grain cart driver.

She can fly

She loves to sing and play piano and is great at it!
She Milk's and Takes care of the cows during calving season.

She cut's hair

Jennifer is an amazing girl (did I say that already?? :) I couldn't have asked for a better sister. 

Happy birthday Jennifer!!!