Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Freezing Corn

Welllll.... it is that time of the year once again. Harvest time for both the farmers and the gardeners. 
We have been busy canning pickles, relish, apple juice and soon will be doing tomatoes as well.

Today we did up the first of our corn, and.....WE HAVE PICTURES!!!! (lol)
Actually the only reason that we have pictures from today is because my TERRIFIC sis-in-law came over and snapped some for us (thanks Becks!).
So without further ado.... here they are :)

Sorry for the bad quality of pictures, our sad camera is getting sadder :( 
It doesn't like to take nice pictures anymore, but I guess a fuzzy picture is better then no pictures at all!

For some weird reason I can never find the words for a good ending for my posts, it is kinda embarrisen'....
So um.... well, bye :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Auntie news

This was a birthday card that I got from Megan and Henry the other day.... 

Ridiculous picture I know.... but hey, it was the best I could do with photo booth :)


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dream list #6

Ever since I discovered that I like to run... I have had the goal to run 5 miles. Somehow I was just never able to get there, I'd usually only ever be able to get up to 3 miles each summer before something would come up... or I would give up.

This year I decided that enough is enough! I was gonna do this! 
I set my goals higher by choosing to train to run half a marathon.
Not to run in an actual race, but to push myself to achieve things that I never thought that I could do.

Running 5 miles means more to me then just the physical accomplishment. 
This victory is wrapped up with a story... a story that I hope to be able to share with you all someday.

But until then I'm gonna keep running on until my next goal is met. 
13.1 miles

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thank You!!!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!
And thanks to Mom and Megs for hacking my blog.... you are both just so sweet :)

Wowsers.... it has been a while! I didn't really mean to neglect my blog for this long, but with everything that has happened around here this past while (wedding, new baby, creating a new normal etc.)... blogging has kinda got pushed to the bottom of my priority list. And not to mention the fact that our photographer has left home.... so we have not really gotten many pictures to speak of :)

But I shall try my utmost to blog more often.

Ok, wow. Where to start.

Our summer has been amazing. We went on two camping trips, one with our church... and the other with just our family.

Lately our every day has been filled up with picking peas, shelling peas, blanching peas, picking raspberries, picking cucumbers, canning pickles, canning relish as well as keeping our busy household running smoothly.
And, I shall have to say.... SORRY, no pictures :(

We had our first full day of harvest last week Saturday. 
Once again, I'm driving this contraption......

And we are now into full blown harvest.... and things shall be rather busy for a while. 

So anyhoo.... without further ado I shall press publish so that ya'll have something to look at! 
And as I already said.... I shall TRY to blog more often.