Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Memories Monday Part 2 (on Wednesday)

I guess I'll just start up where I left off!

I developed my love for animals at an early age. I don't really remember this cat, but there are lots of pictures in which it is sleeping with me in my bed :) I cannot remember a time that I did not love animals!

We loved doing this with daddy just as he was ready to head out the door :)

This picture was taken at Josh's birthday party.

We always loved to see how high we could get those lego towers!!

In this picture (below) Josh and look like we are best and forever friends! 
But the footage that mom captured that day on our video camera shows "the rest of the story". 
Josh and I were climbing the hill and sliding down having the time of our lives.
We each had our own little slide right beside each other. So that we could slide down at the same time.
Josh always got up that hill faster then me because I kept tripping on my scarf (didn't you always hate those scarves when you were little???) so at one point, he was sitting there waiting for me to come so we could slide down together. When I finally got to where he was he patted beside him and said "Jen sit here!!"
I wasn't about to let my big brother tell ME what to do, I wanted to slide where he was sitting!
So I shoved him and made him go down the slide!
He was NOT happy and threw a little tantrum right down at the bottom of the slide.
I sat on my new aquired throne waited a little bit for him to move, but I guess I was a little to impatient becuase I slid down and landed right on top of him! This of course made him all the more angry!  
Yes, I DID have to say sorry, but I did it in my own little innocent and happy way :)
So there ya have it.... I MAY LOOK cute, but watch out!!! :)

My 3rd birthday, I don't remember a whole lot about the party.... but I DO remember LOVING the cake!!

Snowman FUN!!!

At 3 1/2 I got another baby sister!!! All I remember is visiting mom in the hospital. We went with Grandma and Grandpa Pauls in their BIG van (it seemed HUGE to me!). I remember sitting on the hospital bed as I met my new baby sister for the first time. Oh, and the ballon.... can't forget giving mom the ballon that said "It's a girl!"

For my 4th birthday we made a trip to the zoo with Mom's side of the family. It was the first "zoo visit" that I could remember and I was REALLY excited. To make it all even more exciting, I got to wear a brand new dress that I got for my birthday (nothing makes a little girl happier!!).

Josh (on the polar bear statue), Me, Megan and Kerri with our Aunty Amanda

We topped off the day by going to Chuck E' Cheese. Ahh, what fun!!!

I probably have some of these pictures in the wrong order... but these next few are sibling pictures!

Spring 1995

The beginning of a lifelong friendship

Christmas 1995

This last picture is of me, my Uncle Travis, brother Josh and Aunty Amanda. We were putting on a on a play for some people in our basement. I can't remember a whole lot about it except that I was supposed to be a doll, Trav a robot, Josh a toy cowboy (we were all toys :) and Aunty Amanda was an upset housemaid :) Oh, and I remember singing songs, that is what we are doing in this picture!
 AND I remember practicing it.... LOTS!

And that's it....till Monday!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Apologies!

I have NOT forgotten that I was supposed to post the next part of my "Memories Monday" series yesterday. But I've been having a few problems with uploading the pictures and today has been FAR to busy. So, just know that I will try my BESTEST to get it posted tomorrow K?
Today the crew is out combining the very last of our potholes and then we'll be ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, OFFICIALLY.... DONE HARVEST!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!

Ya, so anyway. I'll leave you with this song that is sung by the "Sisters", it is as of late... my favorite song. Hope you all enjoy it!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

John 3:16

We made another video!! :)
As is what usually happens, I came up with the idea for this one while I was trying to go to sleep the other night. I just couldn't get it off my mind the next morning, so I told Megan about it.
Mom and Dad had gone away for a couple of days to celebrate Mom's birthday and their Anniversay. We usually make a video when they leave for a few days, but we just didn't have any ideas..... until the last day of course.
So we brilliantly decided to skip the book work part of school and work on our "movie making" skills. As usual Megan did all the shooting and editing. I love how she is always able to pull the ideas that I have out of my brain and create them.... she always does above and beyond what I imagine that it could be. 
I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did making it!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bloggy Birthday!

One year ago today.... I started my blog as "Jenny's writings"and wrote my first post.
Seems like just yesterday, yet seems like forever ago :)
I wasn't quite sure how I was going to go about celebrating it. I thought about hosting a giveaway, but I haven't been able to come up with what I want to giveaway yet!!! :)

So, this'll just be a howdy'do post.
Saying YEAH for a year of bloggy goodness :)

I appreciate every single one of you readers, even though I don't know who most of you are! :)
It has been a blast!!!

Ya, so without further ado, I'll leave you with a few of my favourite posts from this year......

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Memories Monday

Okie... so apparently my pathetic little plea for post idea's was..... well, PATHETIC. So um... let's move on :)

So, today is Monday ya? SOOOO, I've decided that..... it's time for..... a..... MEMORIES MONDAY!!!!
  (I'm tryin' to get ya'll excited for this :)
I've always thought it fun to see what people looked like when they were younger and hearing stories of what it was like growing up. So I decided to take you on a walk through my 2 decades of livin'. That way you'll get to know me a insy tinsy bit better :)

In these first pictures, I don't have a whole lot of recollections yet. So it will just be a whole whack of pictures, and not alot of words :) 

Me with mom at a couple weeks old.

All dressed up for Christmas! (at 5 months)
My 1st birthday party

This was one of our favourite things to do with/to our daddy when we were little! Playtime on the floor!

Walking with mommy.... I think I'm going to try to convince mom to get that haircut again (heehee!)

For my second birthday I got a dolly! She was my FAVOURITE toy for many years!
A couple months after I turned 2.... I got a baby sister (Megan)!!
Josh and I ALWAYS had LOTS of fun together.... I don't think I could have asked for a better big brother!!!!  :)

Christmas 1993

Me with my "baby" Lynda. As I recall, I got the highchair for Christmas (1993)

Ya, so that's it for "part 1" I'll try to have "part 2" ready for next Monday.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


My most favorite USA family is having a GIVEAWAY on their blog!!! There are 2 items to enter for... but I entered in for these AMAZING earrings made by one of my MOST AMAZING friends!!! Head to The Muncks Quiver to check it out!!


My American sisters just celebrated their 200th post!!! So they are celebrating with a giveaway as well!!!
Head over their blog (3 sisters soaking up the Son) check out this BEAUTIFUL apron that Rebecca made!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


So I've been sitting here for a while staring at a blank post.... wondering "what ON EARTH do I write?!?" I promised myself that I would NEVER ever let this blog become boring! But when life kind of keeps going along the same old same old-ish-ness.... it's hard to figure out what to write,
(or maybe all this could also have something to do with the fact that I've been feeling kind of lazy these past few days..... maybe?)

I have a few posts rolling around in my brain right now, but for now thats all that they are doin'.....rollin'. I know they are ready to come out soon... but I don't want to leave you all hangin' ya know???

Sooo.... I want to ask you all a favor! I want to know what kind of posts that you would be interested in!
Is/has there anything about me and my life that you have been curious about? Any topics that you'd like me to talk about? Pictures you'd like to see..... Anything, anything.... ANYTHING?
I'd really appreciate ummm.... ANY suggestions :)

Ya, so now that I've finished giving you all my excuses and my pathetic little plea...I'll give you an update on the happenings around here.

~ Though combining is done, there is still LOTS that the guys have to get done around here. They have been busy harrowing, tilling, cutting hay, sorting calves, hauling cattle, combining weeds, hauling grain and oodles of other stuff.

~ The weather has turned frightfully cold! (heehee.... frightfully cold, what am I sayin'???) The last few nights we have had some major frosts. And so we've been covering all our tomatoes and hoping that they'll stay alive. All of our 'perty' flowers are dead... sadness :(

~ We've gotten almost all the pasta sauce and salsa made that we've been wanting to make this year (we are oh so happy!) This has been the best crop of tomatoes that we have had in a few years!

~ We started school on Monday. Things are going well, I'm once again teaching Caleb and Zach while mom teaches Jesse, Nathan and Brooke.

~ Our heifer Clarabell is about to calve soon, so I'm working on training her to come into the milking barn to be milked. She is a REALLY amazing little cow, so things are going calmly and smoothly :)

And ya, besides the cold... everything else is coming along normally.
Just everyday-ness and it all be fun-ness :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Did ya miss me???

Wellll.... if you DID, then I have some EXCITING news!!!!
Well, unofficially that is. We still have a few potholes to do yet. But the bulk of the work is done.... and the pressure is OFF! I'll be back to blogging more again!

Here are some random memories that I have of my first harvest as a "grain cart driver".
  • Spending one on one time with the kids.
  • Jesse telling me that there is NO WAY that I was allowed to get married, cause I'm just to valuable of an asset on the field. And if I did happen to get married, then I couldn't move far away, and I'd have to come back and help with harvest EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!!
  • No air conditioning.... no wind.... +30 degrees..... HOT!
  • Reading books to the kids while we were waiting for the combines to get full
  • Constantly trying to figure out which direction I could get the most breeze and the least dust
  • Nate using turkey feathers to drum to the music (blaring music I might add!) while we were driving to the field
  • Getting "lost" in the field after dark
  • Completing 1/2 of our entire harvest in 5 straight days
  • Learning how to shift gears, up and down, on the go
  • Driving with a 38,000 pound load, tis hard to get going without stalling :)
  • Talking with Jes in an English accent, we were almost done.... we were just a tad happy :)
  • Playing tag around the tractor 
  • Sweat + Chaff = ITCHY!
  • Finishing 3 small fields in one LONG day (it's a good feeling I must say!)
  • Finishing for the day at 1:00am and then starting again at 8:00am the next day
  • Learning something new EVERY day
Ya, so that about sums it up!

Oh, and since I wasn't able to do this yesterday, I wanted to say......

I pray that God blesses you with 23 more years together!!! (at least :) I LOVE YOU!!!

Mom and Dad's wedding day... 23 years ago

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Today is Mom's 41st birthday. 
I know I've said this before, but I want to say again that my mom is an amazing woman. Everyday I come to realize it more.
She pours her life into taking care of her family. She is always giving.

I chose these 2 pictures of Mom, because they show a bit of who she is, and I wanted to share a little about what makes my mom so special.

Mom 2 days before giving birth to Jaden
She cherishes her children...
 And every single time that she finds out that she is 'with child' again, she fairly shines. 
When mom is pregnant I RARELY hear her complain. These last few months have been hard for her, with morning sickness and having to drive a combine and deal with all the stress that comes with the harvest season. But to tell you the honest truth, I have not heard an OUNCE of complaining come out of her mouth. I'm telling you, she has ALOT that she could complain about! But she just keeps going, and going.... and going.
Mom makes pregnancy a beautiful thing, she makes it look like the blessing that it is.... even at 41.

Mom + Dad 2009

She loves her husband...
I don't think I have seen a woman that respects her husband more then my mom does. She is a shining example to me of how God wants a wife to treat her husband. Not only does she love, serve and submit to him at home, but she also treats him with respect when he is not around. Ask anyone and they'll tell you that my mom has not spoken a word that has even hinted anything bad about dad.
It's beautiful to watch, if I can be 1/2 like her when/if I have a husband someday.... I'd be happy!!

I LOVE you mum!!! And I hope that you have a VERY amazing birthday!!!

Proverbs 31:28-29
Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.
Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.