Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ker Ker

Almost exactly a year ago, in June, Ker woke me in the middle of the night and asked me what side her appendix was on as she was having severe pains in her side, I told her that I didn't know... so she went and checked on Caleb (he has a scar from when had an appendicitis attack) and found out that it was the same side.
She told me that she had not been able to sleep for an hour because the pain was so bad. Ker isn't one to complain... about anything, so I knew it was serious!
About an hour later, I could hear that she was still in A LOT of pain, so I told her that we should go and wake up mom and dad.
They took her to the ER.
I went and woke Meg up and told her what was going on and then I started praying my heart out. I'm telling you, I have never felt so helpless in all my life. There was absolutely nothing I could do but pray and put the whole situation in God's hands.

Ker had a nightmarish ride to the hospital but by the time they were checked into the hospital, the pain had subsided some and the dr. said that she should be in much more pain if it was appendicitis. So they sent her home, telling her to come back if the pain didn't go away.
After 3 days of being in pain it just slowly went away... not for good, but for the time being. It kept coming and going. A couple days bad then a week of good... and on and on it went.
Ker had some tests done, but nothing showed up... and she started feeling better, so she quit with the tests and for a while everything was okay, not good but okay.

A couple of appointments were made for Ker when she was having her worse days, but every time the appointment time came, she was feeling amazing.... so every time they got cancelled, assuming that it was a sign that it just wasn't meant to be.

After a while, Ker figured out that she was having some of the same symptoms as one that has celiac disease, so for a couple of months, we all ran down that rabbit trail, everything was working out until Ker got really sick from doing a gall bladder cleanse in which she really didn't eat anything, definately not anything with gluten in it, and yet she was having all the same symptoms that she thought had come from eating gluten.

After MUCH research, Ker came to think that she had been in so much pain for this whole year because of gall bladder stones, she went through a series of cleanses in order to try to get this fixed without gall bladder surgery. But it wasn't working.

Finally after realizing that there were no other options, mom and dad brought Ker in to see the Dr. again. She had an ultrasound and they have now confirmed that she has an ovarian cyst. The Dr. says that she will probably just have to let it go away on it's own.
Mom and Ker are trying to find some natural cure for it, and we are all hoping that they can get it figured out soon.

The reason I'm telling you this story is because I wanted to brag on my sister a little. Ker has been through so much this past year. She has gone through a roller coaster of pain then feeling okay, then more pain, thinking she got it figured, and then realizing that she didn't have anything figured. And she has taken it all like a champ.
But the thing that makes me so proud of her is her faith in God. Without her saying a word, I can see that she trusts her Heavenly Father, just by the way she loves and lives.

We all want our Kerri back, but I'm sure that it is not more then she wants herself back. She never complains. She is so selfless. So selfless that she often puts me to shame.
I'm proud of her because she knows who loves her most.
She knows who is holding her hand through her valley.
She knows that no matter what happens, God is in control, and He will make everything work out for her good.

I love my Ker Bear, and I want more then anything to see her get well, and be able to resume her life normally again.
But I also know that God may have a bigger plan then we all know for Ker's life, and ours. Maybe an immediate "fix" isn't in His plan. I know that His ways are not always our ways.
I'm just so glad that we have someone that is bigger then all the problems that we will ever face.
God holds our world in His hands.
Every single thing that happens in our lives, happens for a reason. And I know that whatever happens....
God is in control, and if we truly believe that... then it is all that really matters.

Ya, so Ker Bear.... just wanted you to know, that you are such an inspiration to me. I'm so grateful that God made you to be my little sister, and even though I'm your big sister and I'm supposed to be teaching you things, you have in turn taught me so much, and caused my faith to grow in watching your faith shine.

♥ I love you beautiful girl and I'm so proud of you!! ♥

Love Jenny


Anonymous said...

Perfectly put Jen! She is a trooper!


Anonymous said...

We are still praying for Kerri! I totally agree she's one of the sweetest and selfless girls I know!
Give her a hug for me:)

Love, Lizzy

P.S. I learn a whole lot from my sisters too! God gave us all different strengths and gifts.

The Pauls' Family said...

Wow Jenny!
You sure know how to make your lil sis cry!
You are an awsome big sis and I couldn't have made it through this without my AmAzInG family, God is GOOD!
Love you!
Love Ker Ker

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

You put the exact words to my thoughts. Kerri you are such a wonderful example to us and we are praying for you every day, you are VERY special and we love you ALOT!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Ker!!
Your wonderful Kerri, everything you do, your such a bright light, and we love you so much! Just want you to know that you are never alone!
love you girl!