Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Treasured Moments

I got to thinking about my life.
I started thinking about how much fun it is to live in such a large family
Then I began thinking about how when/if I get married, I'm going to miss these days! 
I'm going to miss all the fun that comes with living in a large family and the unique situation that I have to grow spiritually and learn all the fun stuff that I'm learning without all the pressures and stress that comes with having a home of my own.

I came to realize that these moments that I'm living right now are once in a lifetime moments. When/if I get married someday, my whole world will change. My days with my beautiful large family will be over and I'll be starting a new life.

decided to change the name of my blog to Breathe Deep (moments like these are treasures to keep) first of all because I love Guy Penrod's song "Breathe Deep" but also because I want to take in every single moment that I have as a Pauls girl. 
God has given me each breath and I want to breathe em' deep because I don't want to take any moment for granted.

And that is the reason that I have this blog, to capture all the moments that would otherwise be forgotten.

Every single moment is a gift, a treasure.  

It's what I do with these moments that will count for a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

wow. This is soo true. Life is way to short and I will breathe deep and try to capture as many moments as I can. You are such wise young women and are blessed to realize this at such a young age.

~Elsie Waddell

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Great post girl! I will miss you more than you ever know once you leave home. I thank God every day for this time in life.
By the way, I really like that song.

Anonymous said...

Great post Jen! I love you girl and am very happy about your blog name change. Very fitting:) I also Love Guy Penrod he's the best!

Love you Mandy

Anonymous said...

Great Wisdom Jen!

Pastor Tony

Anonymous said...


I got your two precious letters Monday afternoon! I was so very excited!!!

By the way I did get your e-mail please forgive me for never responding!

I absolutley LOVE the change! Very fitting for your life:) I look forward to all the upcoming posts:)
I listen to this song almost every morning when I am doing dishes, so know I will be thinking of you ven more lol is that possible?!?

Love you lots and lots,

Breathe Deep said...

Lizzy ~
Glad my letters made it safe and sound! Be pre-warned that there is another one soon to be on it's way! :)
That's alright darlin'! I understand :)
Did I ever tell you that you are such a SWEET friend??? Well... you are :)

kmwiebe said...

I like it. :) *breathes deeply*