Monday, July 11, 2011

Pictures from Sunday ~ Music Monday

Megan took some pictures from our day yesterday. I decided to share them.... cuz' really.... what good are pictures if you don't share em' right?? OF COURSE RIGHT!!! (ever watched "fiddler of the roof"??? ahem...)

After church we went down to the lake for a baptism. 

While there one of our new friends (who also just celebrated the birth of his first son.... Congratulations David and Amber!!) offered to take a picture for us.....

A little while into umm.... picture-taking, we realized that something funny was going on....

Maria decided that she wanted to be part of our family (cuz' who wouldn't right??? :), 

We headed to the park with some friends for a picnic, and we also played a MEAN game of football.
(Just FYI, MEAN usually means.... GOOD but in this instance it also means umm.... MEAN. Cause one of the reluctant participants ended up with a sprained ankle :( (PROMISE... it wasn't me!! :))
But it was FUNNNNNN!!!!!

Afterwards we cooled off with some freezies... love freezies!

I think Maria was enjoying them a tad bit to much :)

OHHHH and I MUSN'T forget!!!!! I got to drive a GRAND CARAVAN!!!!
Even though it IS a dodge... I'm cool with that, cuz' it wuz still FUN!!! 
Thanks Joanna!! 

After all the park fun... we headed over to friends house for a campfire. There are no pictures... I'm assuming that's because Meg was to busy laughing and having a good time like the rest of us :) 
Thanks Mike and Maria for being brave enough to host our HUGE family!!! 

Ah yes.... I just love Sunday's :)

Once again... today is Monday. So I'll leave you with a song.
This song is one of my FAVOURITE GVB songs. Once again starring my FAVOURITE GVB man. This song is from the first Gaither video that we heard, within a few weeks Ker and I had all the songs memorized and loved to sing them at the top of our lungs while doing the dishes. This song quickly became my favorite.... I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :)


Anonymous said...


It's so good to hear about your weekend! I am glad you are feeling better:) I love this song too!

Love you!

Maria Froese - YOUR Independent Scentsy Consultant said...

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your family Jenn!! Thanks for letting me be part of your lives :)