Saturday, June 29, 2013


WHEEWWWW!!! Second post posted before another month has passed!!!!
I had intended to post more often.... and I have a good excuse for why I haven't. BUT, you don't wanna hear any more excuses right?!?!?!
Weeeeelllll.... TOOO BAD! Cuz that is what this post is kinda, mostly about :)

I'm a gonna let you all have a peek into what my days have looked like these past couple of weeks. Then MAAAYBE you'll forgive me :)

Okay. So our summer mornings are quite slow. Some of us (uhhh.... I'm innocent!! :) sleep in until the CRAZY late hours of 8-9 a.m. And once breakfast and morning milking is done it is usually around 10-10:30.
Then the crazyness begins.
Ker and I swap out what I call "inside duty". The person that stays inside takes care of meals, baking, dishes, taking care of Eli, laundry (av. 4 loads a day), organizing the kids daily chores, and all cleaning that needs to be done for the day.
With a family our size, keeping the house clean is like a full time job! We usually wash our floors every other day (sometimes every day in the summer!), clean all three of our bathrooms every other day plus all the dusting, cleaning fridges, almost constantly picking up toys, ect, ect, ect.
So, needless to say, the "inside person" is usually on her feet working until after supper.

"Outside duty" is equally as crazy.
We work with mom and sometimes the boys cleaning bush, planting the garden, tilling the garden, hoeing the garden, weeding the garden, picking strawberries, mowing, weed eating, watering strawberries, planting flowers, landscaping, watering flowers, keeping flower and herb gardens weed free, and bunches of other outside things that have kept us busy for the past three weeks.

We work hard yes.
But we also play hard.

Our evening usually consist of playing one sport or another. Football, basketball, volleyball, scrub, soccer, and/or badminton.
Right now we have been playing football lots and most evenings you will find everyone except the littlest ones out on our football field playing our hearts out.We play till the mosquitoes get to bad, or it gets to dark to see the ball anymore.
Since we are all hot and sweaty by the time we get inside, we'll cool off by watching an episode of "The Waltons" (don't hate me for mentioning it!) before crashing into bed by 11-11:30p.m.

Each day's blanks are filled in with riding horses, having water fights, running, exercising, going for walks, going for bike rides, swimming in the dugout and oodles of other fun stuff!

Rainy days become our "days off". Mom and Dad usually go into the city to get caught up on shopping while the rest of us have a nice relaxing day doing almost absolutely nothing. Don't tell anyone, but I guess I could actually slip in blogging on these days! :)

So there is your sneak peek into Jennifer Pauls' crazy, love-it, wouldn't-traid-it-for-anything life!
And just to be perfectly clear, I'm not saying all of this to complain, nor am I saying this to get pity. I'm just saying that EH, I've got a busy life! And that is really truly the reason that my blogging has been sparse as of late.

Soooo..... What has been keeping you busy lately?

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Blurp

Ok, seriously... almost two months?!?!?! That is beyond craziness!!
My BEEEEAUtiful sister has been threatening to hack my blog if I don't do something about this.... so I reckon I better! :)

I honestly don't know why it has been so hard to keep up with my poor lil' blog these days... it just has.
I guess with me I'm either all the way in to something... or all the way out. Either running or sitting.
What has frustrated me the most, and what is possibly one of the reason that I have "disappeared" from blog world is that this blog has become somewhat purposeless, and that is exactly what I didn't want to happen. Its time to put the purpose back in!

But anyhoo... enough of that.
You are about to get small dump of random pictures of my adorable lil' brothers. It could be a larger dump, but sadly our picture taking motivation is really really really lacking....
Then I shall finally move ahead... and keep up with blogging! (have I said this before?!?!?! :)

Ohhhh..... and did I mention that I have a new little nephew!?!?!? (well... 1 1/2 months new :)
No? Well then let me tell you... I HAVE A NEW LITTLE NEPHEW!!! :)
Brendan Cole

Ain't he just the cutest??

That was my blurp.
I done. But I beeee back!!