Thursday, February 11, 2016

Birthday Girl

Twenty-one. How did this happen? As a big sister, I couldn't be more happy of the woman that she has become. 
This beauty inspires me to be a better person every day.

Watching her suffer these past couple of months has been really hard.
The words of a Jason Crabb song say it best, "If I had it my way, I'd take this from you, but God, He knows what He's doing."
I would take her place in a heartbeat, but I know God knows what He is doing in Ker's life, and I have seen her faith, her trust in Him flourish this year.

I have been thinking back, reflecting on our year and all of the good times that we have shared together, and I was trying to pick a favorite memory to share. The funny thing is that through the memories of all the girls days, the chats we have while driving the long road home, even all the memories we made on our trip south, my mind keeps coming back to a visit we took to the ER not so long ago.

I had gone with Ker to an eye appointment. It was nothing major, she was just getting her eyes checked out amidst a barrage of tests and appointments.
To make a long story short, we ended up spending about seven hours waiting. Five of those hours being in the ER. And about three of those "ER hours" to see if Ker had a brain tumor or not. 

When we walked out of the hospital with the good news, and began driving away, Ker looked at me and said sincerely. "That was fun."  And I agreed.

Now before you think we are crazy, and kind of creepy for thinking sitting in a waiting room wondering if you/your sister could have a problem that is potentially life threatening is fun, let me explain.
The moment that we heard the news that the eye doctor was sending Ker to the ER to get a cat scan, I felt God's presence, His peace. And later, while waiting for the test, His joy.
We were both nervous, and had lots of nervous energy which could have turned into terrible moments. But instead, they added to the laughter, and the bond that we share.

We were the only ones in that waiting room having a good time. (I felt a bit sorry for all the other sick people in there). Ker spent her time perfecting her mad eavesdropping skills, while I kept her up to date on the lame book I was reading. And you know, somehow, we had a good time. Good quality unforgettable sister time.

The reason this is my favorite memory with my girl this year is because through it, I got to see her true strength. It was severely tested. She could have panicked and been a mess. But instead she allowed joy to overtake her and influence her day.  

While we were driving to the ER, she told me "I could be freaking out right now, but worrying is not going to make the results any different." So we just had fun instead.

I saw beauty in my sister that day.
I see beauty in her every day.

I love you Ker.
Happy Birthday!