Thursday, April 28, 2011


For all the people that suffered devastating loss in the United States during the tornadoes yesterday. Also for those who are grieving the loss of family members or friends.
We are also thanking God over and over that our friends the Muncks made it through the storms safely.

Canadian flag at half-mast

Monday, April 25, 2011

Something exciting!!!

What is it she's looking at?

What is it he is looking for???

It is...

Sweet new baby chicks arriving!!!

Our egg incubating experiment has proven to be a success!!!

Ya, we are pretty much excited :)
Right now about 15 chicks have hatched and there are about 20 more to go!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

He's Alive!!!

This is one of my favorite Gaither Vocal Band songs. Every time I hear it, I get the shivers!
I'm just so in awe and SO thankful for what my Lord has done for me. HE IS ALIVE!!! 
Hope you all have a great Ressurection day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So sorry :(

I think I have officially become boring :(
I wish I could say that this is more then a "hey, I'm sorry that I haven't blogged lately" post, but unfortunately that is exactly what it is. I'm working on getting some inspiration for you though, and hopefully this will be the last of such posts.
So anyhow... I will leave you with some tidbits.

- We had ANOTHER set of twins last week. Thankfully this time Pork Chop (the mother) decided to take care of them both and there was little hassle.
- We have only 4 cows left to calve! I'm finally seeing the end!!!
- My little sister Megan passed her drivers test yesterday! I now have a one for one record in teaching how  to parallel park :) (all credit goes to Meg though... she was a great student :)
- The kids and mom have been incubating eggs for the last while. The eggs are due to hatch on Monday!
- My big brother Josh just passed his Class 1 Licence! Yippee!!! Way to go big bro!!! :)
- We had kittens that were born on top of the ceiling of the milking barn, when they were a couple of months old we found that one had gotten stuck in the wall! Zach and I worked together to save it and ended up tearing off some of the wall in the milking barn to get the poor thing out. Now the kitten is safe and sound and no worse off from it's adventure.
- Meg and I are going to be working on a new blog design for me AS SOON all the snow melts and we can take some summery pictures!

That's about all... I'll leave you with these pictures that Megan took of our newest kitty litter with Butterscotch (the mommy).
They are only a couple days old!


Monday, April 11, 2011

You know it is Spring when....

  • You can go for a run and your ears don't freeze off
  • All the kids are BEGGING to play outside ALL day long!
  • You can make a meal like normal... and the usual leftovers are not there.
  • You see calves lying flat on their backs in the clean straw soaking up the sun.
  • You see me lying on my back in the clean straw soaking up the sun.
  • You see the snow and water drying up and disappearing like mad.
  • The daily wash quota multiplies.
  • Spring cleaning begins.
  • We start incubating eggs (a first for us!).
  • We start getting REALLY anxious to start playing football again.
  • Everyones energy level rises, due to the exciting rise in temperature!
Spring has FINALLY decided to show itself, and we are loving every minute of it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Nate and Kaya!

April 3rd was Mikaya's 4th Birthday, And April 4th Nathan's 7th Birthday!
We had a birthday party for them both on Mikaya's birthday as it fell on a Sunday.

Nathan is a really sweet little kid. We get along pretty well because we share a lot of the same interests. We both love riding horses, calving and animals as well as playing pretty much any sport.
Nate will often become my buddy for the day and during that time he will barely leave my side, he is always a great little helper!  
Nathan opens up a lot when he is one on one with someone, I love the things that we get to talk about :) The other day Nathan came right out and told me that he thinks he is going to be either a hockey or a football player when he grows up. When I asked him why he told me that almost every night he dreams that he plays either in the NHL (National Hockey League) or the CFL (Canadian Football League). He told me that every single time he dreams about playing pro hockey he gets a goal and his team wins the Stanley Cup, and every time he dreams of playing pro football he scores a touchdown (he says that no one can ever tackle him :)
When I asked him which teams he plays on he said "Montreal and Montreal!"
Nate has also told me that he wants to be a barrel racer when he grows up... ah, a boy after my own 
heart :) When I told him that mostly girls "do" barrel racing... he said that maybe he could rope calves instead!
I love my little Nater man!

Mikaya is a one of a kind, 100% blonde, adorably sweet little girl. 
She shares with me a passion for cutting hair, and though I have told her MANY times that she must WAIT till she grows up... she has managed to chop her own hair a couple of times. 
She has the sweetest smile and giggle that could melt any heart, and when she looks at me with her ADORABLE dark brown eyes I have the hardest time saying no to anything she asks! 
She loves babies and playing with her dollies, it's so fun watching her and remembering how I used to play exactly the same way when I was little.
It's so hard to believe that little Mickey is already 4!

Here is the cake that I made for Mikaya. She has requested a horse with purple and yellow on it... so here is what I came up with...

Nathan wanted a Montreal Canadians cake (his favourite hockey team).... I accidentally put a candle in before Megs was able to take a picture :)

I LOVE you Nathan and Mikaya!!! 

Love your big sister, 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Busy times.

The days are getting away from me!
And all of them have been REALLY busy.
Since I last posted we have had 6 normal birthed calves, 1 born breech, 1 stillborn, and just today had 1 surviving twin (the other was suspected to have been in the birth canal to long and was probably still born as well). Having 2 sets of twins is REALLY rare for us. Last time we had twins was 4 or 5 years ago! We also rarely have this many problems with calving, being an animal lover.. it is hard to watch. But I know that God has a plan and a purpose for EVERYTHING that happens in life, so I'll just keep trusting in Him.

We also had Calfy (our milk cow) freshen. Joshua bought Calfy as a calf around 10 years ago. She is a Holisein/Hereford cross. We have milked her on and off ever since we have gotten her but the last time we milked her was like 4 or 5 years ago. So everything was new to her, and me as I'm really used to Jerseys. Usually we have a calf to bottle feed when a milk cow comes in, but this time we were able to give Calfy's calf to Nitro (the cow that had the stillborn calf).

Apart from being busy with cows and calving, we celebrated Nathan and Mikaya's 7th and 4th birthdays. I was busy making cakes for them and my Grandparents on my Dad's side as we also celebrated their 47th Anniversary!
In between all that we have been hauling cattle and grain!

So ya, tons of busy, not alot of computer time :)
For now I'll spare you all the names and pictures of the new cows/calves. But if any of you would like to see them all... I would be glad to, just say the word!

I'll try to do a birthday post for Nate and Mikaya tomorrow... but right now I need to go and check on the new calf.
Ta, ta!