Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Nate and Kaya!

April 3rd was Mikaya's 4th Birthday, And April 4th Nathan's 7th Birthday!
We had a birthday party for them both on Mikaya's birthday as it fell on a Sunday.

Nathan is a really sweet little kid. We get along pretty well because we share a lot of the same interests. We both love riding horses, calving and animals as well as playing pretty much any sport.
Nate will often become my buddy for the day and during that time he will barely leave my side, he is always a great little helper!  
Nathan opens up a lot when he is one on one with someone, I love the things that we get to talk about :) The other day Nathan came right out and told me that he thinks he is going to be either a hockey or a football player when he grows up. When I asked him why he told me that almost every night he dreams that he plays either in the NHL (National Hockey League) or the CFL (Canadian Football League). He told me that every single time he dreams about playing pro hockey he gets a goal and his team wins the Stanley Cup, and every time he dreams of playing pro football he scores a touchdown (he says that no one can ever tackle him :)
When I asked him which teams he plays on he said "Montreal and Montreal!"
Nate has also told me that he wants to be a barrel racer when he grows up... ah, a boy after my own 
heart :) When I told him that mostly girls "do" barrel racing... he said that maybe he could rope calves instead!
I love my little Nater man!

Mikaya is a one of a kind, 100% blonde, adorably sweet little girl. 
She shares with me a passion for cutting hair, and though I have told her MANY times that she must WAIT till she grows up... she has managed to chop her own hair a couple of times. 
She has the sweetest smile and giggle that could melt any heart, and when she looks at me with her ADORABLE dark brown eyes I have the hardest time saying no to anything she asks! 
She loves babies and playing with her dollies, it's so fun watching her and remembering how I used to play exactly the same way when I was little.
It's so hard to believe that little Mickey is already 4!

Here is the cake that I made for Mikaya. She has requested a horse with purple and yellow on it... so here is what I came up with...

Nathan wanted a Montreal Canadians cake (his favourite hockey team).... I accidentally put a candle in before Megs was able to take a picture :)

I LOVE you Nathan and Mikaya!!! 

Love your big sister, 


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Great looking cakes deary!! Good job!
Missig you!

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

So cute! Your cakes are super!

Hope they had very happy birthdays.


Anonymous said...

Those are two special kids and cool cakes!

Jordie, Janae, Jerica said...

What kind of cakes are they?

Jenny's writings said...

Thanks girls for your comments!
The cakes are just plain old chocolate cake mixes :)
Much love!