Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So sorry :(

I think I have officially become boring :(
I wish I could say that this is more then a "hey, I'm sorry that I haven't blogged lately" post, but unfortunately that is exactly what it is. I'm working on getting some inspiration for you though, and hopefully this will be the last of such posts.
So anyhow... I will leave you with some tidbits.

- We had ANOTHER set of twins last week. Thankfully this time Pork Chop (the mother) decided to take care of them both and there was little hassle.
- We have only 4 cows left to calve! I'm finally seeing the end!!!
- My little sister Megan passed her drivers test yesterday! I now have a one for one record in teaching how  to parallel park :) (all credit goes to Meg though... she was a great student :)
- The kids and mom have been incubating eggs for the last while. The eggs are due to hatch on Monday!
- My big brother Josh just passed his Class 1 Licence! Yippee!!! Way to go big bro!!! :)
- We had kittens that were born on top of the ceiling of the milking barn, when they were a couple of months old we found that one had gotten stuck in the wall! Zach and I worked together to save it and ended up tearing off some of the wall in the milking barn to get the poor thing out. Now the kitten is safe and sound and no worse off from it's adventure.
- Meg and I are going to be working on a new blog design for me AS SOON all the snow melts and we can take some summery pictures!

That's about all... I'll leave you with these pictures that Megan took of our newest kitty litter with Butterscotch (the mommy).
They are only a couple days old!



Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny!

Love the cute pictures of the kittens and their momma.

By the way none of your posts are boring girl! Don't wait to post something you think is inspiring, because I find so many inspiring things in just your everday posts! I am sure others do too!

Love you always!

Jenny's writings said...

Thanks for the encouragement Lizzy!
I thought of you when I put the pictures on... knew you would like them! :)
Love you muches!

kmwiebe said...

Awwwwwww. I miss cats and kittens. Sooooo much. Waaaah. <3 :)