Friday, November 30, 2012

(Installment 8) Dear Mom and Dad,

After blogging last night we decided to roast marshmallows in the wood stove. The kids had LOTS of fun doing that! (thanks for the idea :)

We got ourselves and the house organized this morning instead of doing school.
I made soup for lunch as Grandma, Grandpa, Josh and Rebecca were coming over.
We had SO much fun with Gramps and Grams! We played games, laughed, ate and talked.

Elijah slept LOTS today! He slept for more then 3 hours in the morning and then 3 1/2 hours this afternoon. When he was awake he was SOOO happy. He was did not make strange at Grandma at all, and only for a little bit with Grandpa. As I'm writing this he just climbed up the porch stairs and turned around to climb down them again.... all the while CRAWLING :)

This morning Brooke came milking with me. I asked her if she was excited that you both were coming home soon... she said "Yes!! Are they coming home today? Tomorrow? The next day?" She said it with such hope in her voice that it was hard to say no!
We are all happy that you are starting home tomorrow.... we MISSSSSSS you both SOOOO much!!!!

Grandma and Grandpa just left. The boys are making hot chocolate and popcorn.
And I'm gonna go join them.... Love you MUCHLY!!!

Love Jennifer

Caleb says:
Yes, I am feeling better today. Grandma and Grandpa came over today for supper and lunch. We re-arranged our beds today. Josh and Becka were here for lunch, but not for supper. I helped Josh with some chores. Love you and hope you have a good rest of the trip back!

Zachary says:
This morning we didn't do school. We went outside, ate lunch with Josh and Becka, Grandma and Grandpa came over, went back outside, watched a video, peeled some potatoes, ate supper, and watched Gaithers. We had a lot of fun today! I hope you are having fun! xoxoxoxox Love you very much!!! Love Zach

Jesse says:
The combine and tractor are in my box waiting to get fixed. Now I have 112 eggs. I can't wait until you come home! It blew and it snowed, so it wasn't really very much warmer here today. Grandma and Grandpa are here and we are watching Gaither Vocal Band. We had "Beef Barley Soup" for lunch and meatballs and potatoes and corn for supper. We went outside 2 times today. I love you so much and I hope you are having fun! oxoxoxoxox Love Jesse

Nathan says:
Today we got 23 eggs. We got 13 dozen in the fridge! I hope you are having fun. Don't forget to be on time for breakfast! Hope you come home soon! We are having fun. Grandma and Grandpa came over today and we had a lot of fun, we watched a video. I love you so much!! Another chicken died, like a week ago. xoxoxoxoxo Love Nate

Brooke says:
We had marshmallows last night. They were huge and big! Jaden said "Yeah! Marshmallows! I like them!". We baked them in the fire. They were good.
We had lots of fun today! Grandma and Grandpa were here before lunch. They ate lunch and supper with us, and they are still here watching Gaithers with us. It is so much fun when they are here. I miss you! I hope we can see you soon! When are you coming home? We are watching "Tent Revival". I like that kind of Gaither video, it is so nice to watch. We went outside 2 times today. Me and Mikaya and Joey and Jaden went down the hill with the GP. Jaden got squished in the middle. We had lots of fun. Mikaya and Joey had turns going on with me and Jaden. Jaden went in the middle, Joey went in the back, and Mikaya went in the back after Joey. We bonked into the trees, it was very fun! Every single time we bonked into a tree, Jaden would start laughing and Joey and Mikaya. Jaden was so silly! Sometimes when we went, we turned the wrong way. We fell off because the other snow was deep, so we had to fall off because Jaden pushed us off every time we went into deep snow. He laughed every time he pushed us off. We had lots of fun!
I love you! I hope you are having fun. It will be SO fun if you didn't have to leave to the Muncks. I miss you!
I had fun today. And every single time there is a picture of Jaden, he has red eyes! But he doesn't have red eyes when he doesn't have a picture taken. I wonder why it does that? It is so fun to be with you. I wish you were here! I think I have only 13 eggs all this week because every time I go pick, Jesse gets there before me. Sometimes we have to race each other to the barn. Whoever gets there first gets the eggs. I love it when Mikaya is home. Elijah closes his eyes when Jen takes a picture of him.
God is in charge!
We had soup for lunch. And we had meatballs and mashed potatoes and corn for supper. It was so good! I looked at some books and Jaden took out the animal thingy puzzles.
oxoxoxoxo Love Brooke

Mikaya says:
I saw the picture when you were at that christmas thing. We had very fun at Megan and Henry's. I like the decorates in that house. I'm being good to Kerri and Jen. I hope your having a good time! I hope you are safet! I'm glad you are coming back soon! I'm going to bed as fast as I can, because I'm trying to be good to Jen and Ker. We are having a great time! I'm helping Joey whenever he needs me. Grama and Grampa came over. I love you! Goodnight!!!

Josiah says:
We played outside. We played with the sleds. We love you!

Jaden says:
I have yogurt. I wanna have cake. I go to bed. I go outside.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

(Installment 7) Dear Mom and Dad,

It was after blogging last night that we had our very unexpected, very welcome visitors (We love you Pastor T, Jo-Jo, Fritzy and Megs!!!). We were VERY glad to see Joey and Mikaya again! Twas a good visit.

The kids got to bed late that night.... so we also had a late start to our day. We decided to take a break from school and have brunch instead.
The rest of the day we did some relaxing, some cleaning, some visiting (with Becks) and some pizza making with the kiddoes (thaaaaats what we had for supper (lol) :).

Elijah has taken to smiling when he sees the camera.... SO cute. He has improved his crawling skills LOTS, although he still likes to crawl on his hands and feet more :)

Today passed without incident or excitement. So I'll quit with the words and move on to the pictures... I have LOTS!!!
Love you much and miss you MOOOOOORE!!!!!!
Love Jennifer

Caleb says:
No, it wasn't hard putting the cows back in, because they were right beside the broken fence, and the row of bales were in their way. Love you!

Zachary says:
This morning we didn't do any school and so we watched a video and had brunch. We went outside, came back inside, watched another video, went back outside, and made our own pizzas. We had a lot of fun today. Did you have fun today? xoxoxox Love Zach

Jesse says:
Today we skipped school and had brunch (sticky-wicky buns). We went outside 2 times. I have 96 eggs. I really miss you and I hope you are having fun! We watched videos. Then each of made a little pizza for us. It is -15 degrees Celsius. It's a nice lego set the Munck boys have we probably have half of their lego! I can't wait until you come back! The pizza was delicious! It seems really weird that that it is so warm there! xoxoxoxo Love Jesse

Nathan says:
Dear Mommy and Daddy,
Are you having a good time? We are having the best time ever! Today we baked pizzas and we went outside two times. It was very cold outside today. We watched some videos for about an hour on Netflix. We got 33 eggs today. I love you SO much! Hope you come back soon! Make sure you don't eat to much sweets! xoxoxox Love Nathan

Brooke says:
We had fun today. Kaya is back home. I'm glad she is home because I missed her VERY much... and I miss you VERY much too! I hope you are having fun.
I got 3 eggs today and Jesse has 96 eggs this week! We made our own pizzas. We had icky-sticky-wicky buns for brunch. What did you have for lunch and supper?
We are having fun tonight! We are sitting on the bean bag, and we put the bean bag on Caleb, and we jumped on the bean bag when Caleb was under it. We were also once sitting on the bean bag, Caleb pushed us off and the bean bag fell with us.
Mikaya was so glad to be home, and I was so glad that she is home. Zachary is playing us a story. Jaden and all the other kids are laughing. He does very funny stories! I'm glad to have my brothers and my sisters. Caleb is laying on the couch doing nothing with the bean bag on his head.  Jaden is dropping toys to make Zach yell at him.
I miss you! Say "hi" to Ruth Ella for me! I love you! xoxoxoxo Love Brooke

Mikaya says:
I got to make my own pizza. I'm very glad us kids aren't just alone. Now I'm at home. I got my own pizza to eat. I'm glad soon your coming here. We got to watch some videos. I'm very glad the other day I got to stay with Megan and Henry. We are having a good time at home! Its a very thankful thing that somebody is taking care of us. I'll never forget about your kisses and I'm giving them to Jen and Ker. A very thankful thing that were not traveling. I'm glad we are not going far away from our home. I remember that a long time ago all of us guys went to Tennessee with the Muncks. I miss you and I very, very, very won't forget about you! I love you and I won't forget about you!!

Josiah says:
We had fun outside. I hope you wouldn't die.

Jaden says:
We have pizza. I miss you.