Saturday, November 24, 2012

(Installment 2) Dear Mom and Dad,

After I blogged last night. Ker, Bob and I played games. We had a great time.... and spent most of the evening laughing :)

Today began with Jaden stomping up the stairs at 6:00 this morning. I was going to get up early and run... but I somehow hurt my foot last time I ran, and it hasn't healed all the way yet. I figured that I could run 10 miles on Monday (because everything good happens on Monday right??? :)
Elijah did pretty good last night. I only had to give him his soother once.

We had brunch with Josh and Rebecca. We all sat holding our hands and talking for awhile before we prayed like we always do when you are here. It made me miss you a lot!

Henry and Megan got here early afternoon. We spent most of the afternoon making supper (onion rings, french fries and hamburgers!), talking and laughing. Megan took Makayla's 1 year pictures.

Caleb is sitting here and telling me all the mistakes that I am making.... I guess all that teaching really does pay off! :)
I'm not sure what we will do for the rest of the evening. Probably watch a movie, maybe we'll do some jamming :)

Well, I need to go milk my cows, there is lots more partying to be had yet tonight :)
I'll leave you with notes from the kiddoes and pictures.
Miss you and LOVE YOU!!!!!

Caleb says:
Today I helped Josh with chores and he put the feeders in the pen. I love you and hope that you are having a fun time.

Zachary says:
We had a lot of fun today. We had another drawing contest. Megan and Henry came over today and we had a ice cream sunday for supper.
Are you having fun?

Jesse says:
It was really windy today and then it stopped. The wind changed from South to North, and there were drifts everywhere.
We had brunch at 11 a.m. and supper at 6 p.m. We had brownies and ice cream and chocolate chips for dessert.
We had a drawing contest of who could draw the best winter scene. I think Henry was the best!
Henry and Megan visited Josh and Rebecca before us. Megan took pictures of Makayla. I can't wait until tomorrow because Henry is driving us to church!
I hope that you are having a wonderful time!

Nathan says:
I hope you are having fun. We had a lot of fun. I can't wait to see you! I love you SO much! Make sure you have your blankets. We only got 17 eggs today. Love Nate

Brooke says:
We had waffles for brunch and we played outside. I love you and hope that you are fun too!

Mikaya says:
I hope that you are still alive. I hope that you like the Munck's place and that you are having a great GREAT time! I will never forget about you and I hope that someday you will get back.

Joey says:
I love you! Goodnight!

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The Pauls' Family said...

Dear family,

Another day on the road and another day closer to seeing our dear friends. It will be worth every mile! We spent the whole day driving minus a couple of hours of stopping for meals and a little bit of shopping. We were really happy to get out of the car....I think we are getting too old to drive that far at once :) (you are allowed to insert a moan here:)

We were happy for warmer temps and even saw some green grass today! Everyone here thinks its cold....but they are not tough like us Canadians :)

I really am liking these updates and the sayings from the kiddos and especially the pictures. I miss you all but am having some great quality time with your daddy!

I hope you have Jaden trained to sleep in a little by the time we get home :)

Good job Eli!!!!

I hope your foot is all healed up Jen.

Caleb: Glad you got some work done...somebody has too!!! I love you too! and we are having a great time!

Zachary: Ice cream again!!! Good thing its part of one of the four food groups eh!!! Yes, we are having a great time!

Jesse: Sounds like a blustery day! Did you play in the drifts? Henry is pretty good at drawing. Isn't it so sweet of them to come out and bring you to church tomorrow? You are blessed to have a brother-in-law like Henry! You better thank him :)

Nathan: We are having fun! 17 eggs?? Oh well, maybe there will be more tomorrow....squeeze those chickens!!!!

Brooke: Waffles sound yummy! Was it cold out? We only needed sweaters here today!

Mikaya: You are funny! We are still alive and are having a GREAT time! We won't forget about you either and will see you when we get back!

Joey: I love you too Joey!

Well I better get some sleep so we can get up for church tomorrow! We love you all and miss you!!!

And remember Who's in charge!

Love MOM