Tuesday, November 27, 2012

(Installment 5) Dear Mom and Dad,

We reached the half way point!! We survived!!! :) Are you not just SO proud of us??? (lol)
Today was the day that I REALLY started missing you both. I mean, I have missed you since you stepped out of the door... but now I REALLLY miss you.

Ker and I were both tempted to just let the day slide today... not do school and just take the entire day off, but we decided against it and hit some middle ground. We did half a day of school (as the kids will mention several times :), did the minimum amount of chores and spent the rest of the day taking it easy.

The kids played outside, we made some paper snowflakes and kids played lego this afternoon.
Josh, the boys and I also separated the cows and calves (of course you know that already :) :) :)

I'm glad that we were able to text a lot today. It is easy to forget how far away you are when we can text as if you were in town or something.
Today was NOOOT a picture taking day for me.... but I think I sent you enough pictures and videos while messaging you to suffice :)

Well, once again, it is time to milk them cows!
I love you ever so much and I hope that you are having LOOOOOOOTS of fun!!!!!
Love Jenny

Caleb says:
Today I helped Josh separate the calves from the cows. Instead of doing Ancient History we went outside. Love you, and hope you have a good time while you are at the Muncks!

Zachary says:
I had a good day today. Yes we have been playing with lego.
We only did spectrum and math because we were late again today. We went outside and we played a little road hockey. We came inside and ate lunch. We went outside again and we moved the cows. We played with lego. We ate supper and then listened to adventures in odyssey.
I love you very much and hope that you are having a very good trip! xoxoxoxo Love Zach

Jesse says:
The hut that we made is behind the barn by the bales. Last night Jaden accidentally pushed a book holder on my head and I got a big bump, but it is almost gone now. I have already gotten 53 eggs this week! We played road hockey on the road and it snowed some more today. We put bolts in the cement where the waterer is. I am so tired that I'm almost falling asleep! We did reading, math and spectrum today and then we went outside.
I really miss you, and I hope your having fun!

Nathan says:
Not everyone was there when we were giving out eggs.
We got 27 eggs today. We are having a lot of fun, I hope you are! Make sure you charge your phones! xoxoxoxo Love Nate

Brooke says:
I had fun today. I miss Mikaya, I miss you too! I hope you are having fun. We went outside. Love Brooke

(From the house of Henry and Megan)

Mikaya says:
It feels good to be at Henry and Megan's! She is putting me to dishes work. Be safe, be safe. I hope you are having a fun day! I hope you are still alive!

Josiah says:
I hope you wouldn't die.

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The Pauls' Family said...

Yes! I am proud of you :) And I'm not just saying that!!! And I think we feel the same...as the days go on...we miss you more and more!!! When you sent that video of Eli last night it made me want to hug him and all of you!!!

I'm glad you found a middle ground for the day. I am sure your day went better with a little structure :)

One thing I am glad I am not there for....to hear those cows bawling!!! Did they keep you awake?

I agree, the miles don't seem so far when we can keep in touch daily!

Did it take a long time to separate the cows? Are they bawling a lot? So really you didn't study ancient history but you made your own history :) We are making history all the time....aren't we!

Sounds like a great and productive day! Have you made any new lego inventions??? How are your chickens doing? Is the hydrant still working? I love you and miss your more every day!

Wow, the hut sounds fun! Is it cold there? I heard about the bump, I could feel your pain! Ouch! Glad it's getting better :) That's a lot of eggs! Did you get your prize for last week? What was it? So glad you are being a good helper to Josh. Does the water look like it's going to be good there? I am missing you lots too! Have a great day!!!

You make me laugh Nate!!! I keep wondering what you are going to come up with next....cause I think you have covered it all!!! But once again....don't worry, we will not forget to charge our phones!!! Are you getting most of the eggs from the inside chickens? And are they mostly white or brown? We are having lots of fun! We miss you though :) Love you!

I can only imagine how much you miss Mikaya! Aren't you glad that God gave her to you as a sister!!! You are blessed! We are having fun! How is Jaden doing on the potty? I love you!

I am so glad you are helping out Megan. Keep it up OK? Does it seem really, really quiet there? We are still alive thank the Lord!!! And we miss you lots....how many kisses do you have stored up already??? Or are you giving them all to Henry????

You are a good boy Joey. Have you seen any tractors yet in Morden? Have you been looking out the window at all the semis that go by? Did you see Josh hauling grain the other day? Hope you're having fun! WE love you and miss you!

Well, once again, thanks for the update! I love to hear what you are doing every day! Love to you all!

And remember Who's in charge!!!