Monday, November 15, 2010

We're in Tennessee ya'll!

Yup, we are here in Clevlend,Tennessee with our AMAZINGLY... INCREDABLE friends the Muncks!
Let me start by telling you that we are having a absolute BLAST out here. We have been doing SO much and having SO much fun that it is hard to know where to begin!

I guess I'll start with our stay in the Smokey mountains...

We stayed at a place called Wyndham Resorts in Pigeon Forge.


We had a BLAST catching up with the Muncks and spending time with them for 3 days at the resort. Here are some pictures of our time together.

The Dad's checking out the area... and catching up!

There is a playground area that we took the kids up to play in...
Me and my Liz girl! :)

There was a mini golf (out here they call it "putt putt" :) course right beside the playground. It actually had the grand opening while we were there. Zach got chosen to cut the ribbon, and we were all able to enjoy cake and play on the new course!

Ker and Becks
Sweet Lizzy (I'm telling you... I'm having a BLAST with this girl!)
There is also an indoor pool at the resort. The kids had a GREAT time...

The Muncks have been VERY sweet to take us out to their favorite resaraunts that we don't have in Canada. While we were in the Smokeys we went to Mr. Gatties and Cracker Barrel.

Having breakfast as one BIG happy family!
There was an activity center at the resort as well. We had a great time there playing ping-pong, around the world and pool...

Our sweet friends made us all these AMAZING shirts. We have been wearing them all over the place and REALLY like them!

We went to Gaitlenburg for the day yesterday to take in the sights of all the old time shops and stores. It was kind of like a fair except that it happens every day!
We got to watch taffy being made, look through a HUGE western outfit shop, looked at art displays, antiques, candy... and just about anything that you could imagine.

This was a really heavy ball that was sitting on water, it was fun trying to roll it and make it stop again.

We locked all the kids in this Telephone booth. Umm... that would be 13 little people :)

On Nov. 12 we packed up and went for a drive through the Smokey National Park and to Cades Cove.

The sights were AMAZING! It was really cool to be able to see more of God's beauty.

We brought along a picnic lunch that we ate at Cades Cove...

And now we are in Cleveland having a REALLY great time! (that was a major understatement :)
More pictures to come! 


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

So good to hear from you again my dear!! And we are ever so happy that you are all having such a wonderful time!! But I most say that we would love to be there is an understatement!!! Give all the girls another hug from me, :) I miss each one of you so very much!!
The cows are doing great, keep on having fun!!
Love Becky

J J J Girls said...

You guys are so blessed to have family friends to hang out with! It's awesome you had so much fun!
Love, Jordie and Janae