Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Tennessee Aquarium

Well we are once again home safe and sound.
It is good to be home, although I'm missing our dear friends AWFULLY much.

So I'm back to blogging again! I guess I'll start with telling you ALL about our trip... beginning with our visit to the Tennessee Aquarium.

November 13th was James' 10th birthday!
We celebrated by making a trip to Chattanooga to go to the Aquarium.
We also went to Coolidge park, had a picnic lunch, took family pictures and played football!
Here are some pictures of our day....

Picnic at Coolidge Park

We rode the Carousel that was also at Coolidge park, never to old for a Carousel! :)

We left our vehicles at the park and walked across a HUGE bridge to get to the Aquarium...

Ker and Becks doing what they love best... being together :)

At the aquarium there was a saltwater section and a freshwater section. There was a HUGE variety of animals and I got to see some creatures that I have never seen before!

This parrot was SO cute. He could say Hi, Hello, Bye and Cracker.

We got to touch these Manta Rays (stingers removed of course :)...

The butterfly room was one of my favorites....

This picture is for my big bro Josh. This is a tiger shark... I got so close to him that there was just a piece of glass separating us. Wouldn't you have just loved that Josh??? :)


After walking back across the bridge and making our way "home" we had a pizza party!

The kids also got to ice cupcakes....

And here is the birthday boy!

Thank you Munck family (once again) for such an amazingly fun day! And thank you James for sharing your birthday with us!


Shelby said...

wow! looks like ya'll had loads of fun. Glad ya'll made it back to Canada safe and sound

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Great pictures girl! I know you guys had a great time, next year we're coming too. :)