Friday, November 26, 2010

Photoshoot fun!

A couple of days before we left the Muncks home, all of us girls decided to do a photoshoot together.
We got Caleb to take the pictures... and once again, we had a BLAST together!
Here are the results...

Liz and Jen

Ker and Becks

The only thing the Bekah has "up" on Ker is the fact that she is 4 hours older then her, here she is out to prove that point :)
Meg and Mands
You can see more pictures of Megan and Amanda HERE.

All of us sister TOGETHER 

Ya, we had fun :)
Love ya girls... miss you oh so much!


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

I REALLY like the pictures!!! And the colors are great!! I know you girls are missing each other a lot right now, but we are REALLY happy tou have you back home!!
Love you!

Jenny's writings said...

Becks- Thanks! We are VERY glad to be back too!! We DID miss you oh so much!

Anonymous said...

Really ,really like the pictures girls!!
Celeb did a great job!
Looks like you had a ton of fun!

Love ya girl!

Anonymous said...

No no no Jenny we love you!