Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Woody pictures

Remember this pile of wood???
Well Friday and Saturday we decided to tackle it (literally :)

Dad was our WONDERFUL chain saw person. I couldn't have imagined doing that job for so long... YOU GO DADDY!

It was just a tad bit overwhelming at first... it was a pretty big stack!!!

We stacked all the ready-to-use logs on the trailer for transport to the shed....

And the logs that needed splitting got stacked, this is just the BEGINNING of the stack :)

We filled this trailer about 4 times!!!

I was the one that got to run the splitter...

I chucked the split logs to Nate... who I must say was a VERY willing worker!

Zachary was the stacker person. He did a REALLY great job!

Jesse handed me EVERY single log that I split. He also worked REALLY hard and did an AMAZING job!
And while the rest of the crew unloaded the trailer Jesse and I kept splitting and splitting and splitting!

I think I could have done it with my eyes closed by the time we were done!  (ha, ha :)

And here we were JUST getting near the end....

As usual... there are no pictures of Megan working... simply because she was taking the pictures! She was picking up all the logs that Dad was cutting and throwing them on the trailer.
She was also the log stacker person when everyone was putting them into the shed. It was quite a job to keep up with all the log carriers!

And after about 15 hrs of cutting, sorting, splitting, hauling and stacking... we FINALLY got it done! And we were one tired bunch. The little boys were such troopers, and put in a couple of grownup day's work. We couldn't have gotten it done nearly as fast without them! It's amazing what little hands can do! It really is true that many hands make light work (well... maybe not light, but it does make a difference!).

As of right now, we don't have any pictures of the finished result... BUT I'll try to get our photographer to take a picture and I'll do a Wordless Wednesday picture thingy okay? That is... if your not tired of pictures of wood yet :)

Oh, and also... I haven't forgotten about the continuation to yesterday's post. I'm going to be doing it on Andrew's birthday, just so ya'll don't freak out or anything :)

❀ Jennifer


kmwiebe said...

Woah...Nice work.

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Great job you guys!!! Kinda sorry that we missed it, remember last year, it was cold and wet and only a week before Andy born.
Love you guys
Love US

J J J Girls said...

wow. great job.