Monday, June 20, 2011

My 100th post!

Wowesers... 100 posts, so cool :)
                                                             Don't worry bad grammer on purpose!! It may happen frequently throughout this post :) 
I've seen a bunch of things that people do when they reach 100 posts, and I think that the most coolest one that I saw was writing 100 things that you may or may not know about me.
This could be rather difficult, but I'm going to try my bestest not to put you to sleep while you are reading it K?
I'll start at random :)

1. I don't like whipped cream
2. Or chocolate milk
3. Or ice cream with cake
4. There are lots of things that most people like that I don't
5. But I do like chocolate ice cream... lots and lots and lots

6. I'm afraid of heights
7. But I want to go sky diving someday
8. And ride on a zip line
9. Because I LOVE adventure
10. Some my most favourite times in my life have also been the scariest times.

11. I'm PETRIFIED of the thought of swimming in the ocean
12. I don't really like swimming
13. When I was a kid I always imagined that there were sharks in the pool
14. My Liz girl thinks that she can convince me to go into the ocean with her someday but I won't, never... never.... never.
15. I never want to go on a cruise, sounds like a terrifying time to me! :P
16. But I want to learn to pilot an airplane someday
17. Like a small one... it's my "big" lifelong dream :)

18. I used to like to hold snakes
19. But not anymore...I think they are gross
20. But I would never kill one
21. I have too big a heart :)

22. I LOVE horses
23. Muches and muches and muches and muches!!

24. I hate going to the dentist
25. Especially the fluoride part
26. I actually once threw up when the dentist was doing fluoride in my mouth (don't worry, it was long ago!)
27. But at the same time the whole thing kinda fascinates me... especially the needle part :)

28. I have fallen off my horse 3 times
29. But I have never been to the ER :)

30. I love to sing
31. Especially with my mom and my sister Ker
32. I love the gaithers
33. My all time favourite gaither singer is Marshall Hall

32. I like playing Wii
33. Especially "Dogfight", Dad and I like to play a MEAN game of it every once in a while... we are both extremely competitive... so that is where the MEAN part comes in :)

34. I like making noodles
35. And pies
36. Especially apple pies
37. Cause apple pies are my most favoritestests ← That turned out weird!
38. I like cheesecakes
39. Lots and lots and lots

40. I love babies
41. Especially brand new ones
42. My BEST birthday present that I have EVER gotten was my baby brother Jaden (born 07/29/10)
43. I've asked for a pink iphone for my birthday
44. But I don't think I'm going to get one
45. But I can always dream big right? I like dreaming big :)

46. My most favourite Brand of vehicles are Fords and Civics
47. My Grandpa and Grandma have a newerish white Civic... and I've been DYING to drive it ever since they got it
48. And they also have a new F-150, I got to drive it once
49. My favourite part about it was that when you turned it on the screen on the dash said "Built Ford tough" (oo la la!)
50. But driving it was pretty awesome too.... I thought it was fun :)
51. My dream car is a red mustang convertible
52. Or the purple bug with flowers painted all over it that my Grandma R. and I drool over :P
53. I like vehicles (can you tell?)

54. I like playing soccer
55. And football
56. And hockey
57. And badminton
58. And baseball
59. And tennis (I've only played 2wice though ☹... it's another birthday wish, to be able to play tennis all day long ☺)
60. And volleyball (though I've only played once... I still like it! :)

61. My most favourite artists are my friend/sister Lizzy and my Grandma Rowley.

62. I'm a control freak
63. But I'm also a procrastinator (weird mix... I know!)
64. I'm laid back
65. Yet I can get stressed about things really easily (nother weird mix...)

66. I like to scream with babies ☺
67. I like to talk
68. If there are no people around to talk to, then I'll talk to myself... or my animals
69. I think aloud alot
70. Too much actually, I annoy certain members of my family often
71. I get chattery when I'm excited

72. I love to write ✎
73. I have 3 journals going at one time

74. I like to sleep
75. A little to much!
76. Snooze is one of my favourite buttons (and one of the greatest inventions! :)
77.  But I'll get up at 5:30 or 6:00am to ride!

78. I chased a coyote with my horse once
79. Both myself and my horse thoroughly enjoyed it
80. My favourite place to ride is in the freshly swathed wheat/barley fields
81. We use the swaths as boundaries when we race, Princess and I like to race
82. And we win most of the time, not because of me... because of my horse :)

83. Cleveland, Tennessee is my most favourite place to go
84. I REALLY want to go there right now
85. Cause I really miss my Liz girl
86. And Mands
87. And Becky
88. And all the rest of the Munck family ♥

89. I started a cross stitching piece thing about 10 years ago
90. And I still haven't finished it yet ← Ahem... a little procrastination showing there!
91. When I do finish it, I'm going to give it to someone who is especially very terrifically special to me.
92. Because I didn't spend 10 years working on it for nothin'!

93. Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Savior
94. And I love Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength
95. I'm going to heaven one day
96. And I'm PPPPPRettty EXCITED about that!

97. That was really hard!
98. I didn't think I would ever get this finished
99. It took me about a week :)
100. WHHHHEWWWW! I'm happy to be done!!!

I got to thinking about when I used to like snakes.... and I got to remembering that Josh and I took a picture long ago in the "good old days" when we used to catch and play with snakes for fun *shiver*.
So I looked back through pictures and.... FOUND IT!!!
 And since a post really isn't a post without a picture... I decided to post it (just because I'm nice like that :).

This was taken in 2005, during the "big front teeth" days, *sigh* I had NO idea....

AAAAnd since it is Monday (aka, Music Monday), I decided to throw in a song as well for ya (that is.... if you actually made it this far!). This is one of my MOST favourite Gaither Vocal Band Songs, featuring my most favourite singer.... Marshall Hall!
Have a Happy Monday!!


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Thanks for sharing girl! :) And congratulations on 100 posts, I really enjoy reading your blog.
Love ya!

Rebekah said...

3 journals!!!??? Wow, that's crazy- I've always just kept one...but pretty faithfully since I was 11.

Anonymous said...

Happy 100! I can't wait for 200:)

Love you, Lizzy

P.S. It's amazing I thought I knew everything about you:) I guess we can't fit everything in 3 years EH!

kmwiebe said...

Scream with babies?! Lol. :D And three journals all at once?!?!? Haha. Crazy woman.

Yes, this is a really interesting and entertaining post, as I told you on IM. And such an awesome photo. You look so fierce with all those snakes. :P