Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As the days go by....

I'm sitting here trying to THINK of SOMETHING to post!! Does that ever happen to you? Ya want to post, but when ya get there.... BLANK! Ya, so needless to say, this post will be very randomly put about some very random things that are going on in my life.

 We've been really busy, but it's just been every day things that we've been doin'. Ya know, like tilling, weeding, mowing, spraying.... stuff like that.

Farmer's Market is coming up again tomorrow, so the next couple of days we'll be busy with that.

We've been playing soccer lots lately. Mostly in the evenings when the guys are available. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE soccer??? Well... I do, especially when daddy is on my team :)

My LOVELY Grandma got me to cut her hair again the other day. This isn't a very good picture of it, cause of the wind... but I thought it was just WAY to cute not to post :)
Ahhh.... I just love my Grandma! 

I know I've put a link to this video before, but I wanted to post it again for one of my new friends Joanna. You might have found it on my blog already Joanna, but just in case you haven't.... I thought you'd like to see it :) Oh, and just FYI when you come to ride... the horse that Kerri is riding in the video (Sierra) will be "your" horse K? :) 
Just click HERE to see!

AND that's all my blank little brain can come up with right now.... I'm hoping that the blankness will go away in the near future. :)
Until then....


~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Love the pic of you playing soccer!
You did a great job on your Grandma's hair! It is so cute.

Love you too!


Anonymous said...


Now I have a picture to think of whenever I hear that you were at Farmers Market. I am so glad that ya'll have sold a lot! Your Grandma's hair looks beautiful.

Love you!!!