Friday, June 3, 2011

I took the camera with me to the barn...

 I took the camera along to the barn this morning when I went milking... just to see what would happen :)
Here is the result....

I took a quick look at the garden before heading to the barn and was HAPPY to find that the strawberries are blooming! 

This is our road... muddy road that is :)

Ker and I have voted these kittens to be the cutest that we have ever had before. The only problem was that they wouldn't stop playing to let me get a picture of them! So you'll have to use your imaginations :)

Father + son

This is Sophie... she spends every waking hour trying to get out of her pen, and she succeeds... many, many, many times. 

You can't tell me that your heart doesn't melt when you look into those eyes!

Ya'll, I think we missed our cue... it's nap time!!!

Here is our sweet, sweet turkey, sadly... she doesn't have a name, but she is one of our most beloved pets! We originally had her paired up with a male and we were going to try to get some turkey chicks from them, but sadly Mr. Tom died :( So right now, she is just one of the pets.
 She is laying on chicken eggs right now. She actually was going to lay on some of her own, but we knew that they wouldn't have been fertilized... so we gave her some chicken eggs to sit on. We are hoping it works!

They're still playing!!

This kitty decided to sit pretty for me :) We had 3 litters of kittens this year, so we have plenty!

I think this guy's name is George, but I'm not sure. He is the king of the cat village around here. 

Ever since the chicks were a couple of days old I have been feeding them out of my hand. I don't know what is so exciting about eating out of my hand rather then from their feeder... but they love it! (and so do I :) It has been fun watching them grow and develop day after day.... my babies are growing up!

Snuggling under the light.

For some reason the chicks have taken special fascination with my shoe. They love to peck at the mud on the bottom of it as well as all other spots that they see. 

Occasionally one little chick will climb up to the very peak of it and just sit there, enjoying the scenery! :)

I was going to come up with a good ending to this post... but unfortunately my brain isn't cooperating with me right now (happens every once in a while :), so I'll just leave ya with that :)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Jen!
I really enjoyed this post!

Love you, Lizzy

kmwiebe said...

Ah, farm life. It is good.

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

I loved seeing pics around your farm! Your kittens are very cute:)

Love you!