Monday, June 27, 2011

Music Monday ~ Strong Enough by Matthew West

Okay, I'm starting to feel like all I'm ever posting is "Music Monday's". Do you feel that way too? I don't want to drive you all bonkers!
It's just that I'm having so much fun posting songs that are and have been so special to me... I just don't want to stop! :)

I'll tell you all a little about my week... just so it's not quite so incredibly boring :)

It's still crazy rainy around here, the guys are using every single opportunity that they have to get into the fields and get spraying done. We are almost done... so it is paying off!

A couple weeks ago we started selling produce at one of the local farmer's markets. It has been fun prepping and feeling the satisfaction of selling something that you made! So ya, we are busy with that every Thursday.

I drove my Grandma and Grandpa's Pauls' civic today! Aaand I drove my Grandpa Rowley's civic as well, it is a standard, so of course I stalled it a couple times before my brain connected with my hands and feet and I was actually able to remember how to drive a standard! :P (we don't have any standard vehicles around anymore).
With all the Civic driving that I did today, I was on top of the world :) Ooo la la!!
Now all I need is someone with a red Mustang convertible to come driving into our yard... ah, then I would feel like I was in car heaven!

Okie dokie, on to the song....
This song is has ment alot to me this past little while. It is SO amazing to know that God will never give us more then what He know that we are able to handle, and all we have to do is look up and believe that God will help us to be strong enough.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this song!

love ya, Jordie

Anonymous said...


I sent you a letter today! So happy to hear the strike is over:)

I miss you and love you!