Monday, May 9, 2011

Bundle of Excitement!!

I'm SO excited!!! Ya wanna know why???

I'm SO excited cuz' my Big sis Becky is going to make me a Auntie... again! :)
(LOVE you Becky!!!)

I'm SO excited cuz' my sweet little nephew is going to be a big brother!!!
(Love you Andy!!)

I'm SOO excited cuz' our AMAZING friend the Muncks just had a new baby girl yesterday!!!
(Love you guys... BUNCHES!!!)

 I'm so excited cuz' we got to spend a FUN filled day with our friends and family yesterday!!
(Love you Rae and Rita! :)

I'm excited cuz' we started seeding on Thursday!!!
(Love you Dad and Josh!!)

I'm excited cuz' my Uncle Jeremy and Aunty Laura are going to have a baby same time as my big sis! I LOVE babies!!! The more the merrier is me! :)
And I'm excited cuz' they are going to be coming home from Vietnam soon!!!
(Love you guys!)

I'm excited cuz' today is Monday! Because it's the beginning of a whole new week... and I love fresh starts!!!

And last but certainly not least... I'm SOOO excited cuz' God has given me SO many reasons to be excited! I'm one blessed girl :)
(LOVE you with all my heart God!!!)

See!?!?! I'm just a bundle of EXCITEMENT!!!

P.s. Stop by Becka and The Munck's blog to congratulate them both! I know they would appreciate all the love! :)


Anonymous said...

Haha I love all the picture Jenny girl! I am so excited for you!
I am also very excited for Josh, Becky, and little Andy!

I miss you guys so much!!!

I agree you are very blessed!

Love you sister,

Anonymous said...

WOW,so much to be happy and thankful for eh?
We really are very blessed!
I love you to girl!
I had a GREAT day yesterday!

Stacey said...

Sounds like you have a lot to be excited about! Congrats on being an auntie again!

kmwiebe said...

Lol! Those excitement photos are impressive.

Congratulations to Rebecca and Josh! :D

jeremy and/or laura said...

that is a lot of excitement! we're pretty excited too! See you soon :) Love you!