Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are you kidding meeee?!?! This is FUN!!

I've come across a few people who have asked the question "do you like living in a large family?" and I can tell that they expect me to answer in the negitive, or at least complain a bit about how much work it is or how I never get time for myself.

Some of you may see having a big family as work, work, work... AND more work.
Let me clarify that yes, big families are alot of work, but we are not working alone.
We are working with our best friends, and it IS FUN!

It's fun to have a bunch of kids following you around asking questions at every turn.
It's fun knowing that no matter where you go, you will most likely never be alone.
It's fun being able to cuddle and kiss a sweet new little baby every couple of years and be able to watch them grow.

It's fun to make an assembly line to fill up a picnic basket for the kids to enjoy outside.
It's fun to see a wash line full of clothes and feel the satisfaction of being productive.
It's fun making a meal and hearing a course of praise around the supper table.
It's fun hearing a sweet little voice asking if they can help with whatever I am doing.
It's fun husking corn with 20 hands (both big and little!) helping.

It's fun being reminded a hundred times a day that I am loved.
It's fun when a little girl comes up to me and asks if she can give me a hug and a kiss.
It's fun being able to pick up a chubby little baby and squeaze his little cheeks.
It's fun planting a garden and knowing that in a couple of months our whole family will be enjoying the fruits of our labor... together.
It's fun seeing a child's eyes light up as they tell you a story about seeing new baby kittens or about watching a chick hatch.
It's fun to feel joy and love radiate all around me.

Sure it may be alot of work at times. But our life isn't all work. Our life isn't all changing dirty diapers and doing the laundry.
Our life is about love.
Our life is about sharing love.
And believe me when I say that....

It is fun!


kmwiebe said...

I loooooooooove these photos. :D Haha.

And yeah, work is totally fun. If it's the fun sort of work. Most of the time anyway. XD

Yeah, I think you're right. Life is about love and sharing love with whoever we're lucky enough to be spending it with. Or should be, most likely.

I just love this post. (I said love five times now.) Love love love! (Eight times! Hahaha.)

Anonymous said...

Love it girl!

Very very cute pictures!!!

Your sister~ Liz