Monday, May 2, 2011

Dream list #23 and Music Monday (Blessings by Laura Story)

I've decided to blog every time I have completed one of the items in my Dream List. And give a review of how it went and if it was as exciting and rewarding as I thought it would be.

Yesterday I finished the 90 day bible blast.
While I probably won't do it again, it was a great experience.
There were times that it was a little bit frustrating trying to find the time to read all those chapters in one day, and there was a really frustrating time when I was seven days behind! But all in all it was fun.
The reason I wouldn't do it again is simply because I'm more of a "study" type person. It was hard to get loads out of what I was reading because I was always in a hurry to finish. When I read the word I like to write lots and think lots while I'm doing it, and while doing the bible blast, it was hard to do that because I was usually reading 10 - 20 chapters a day.

But it was good. There were so many things that I learned through it all.

I've decided to participate in Music Monday this week...
This is one of my new favourite songs.

Blessings by Laura Story


Anonymous said...


I have never heard this song before but I really like it! Thanks for sharing it!

Love you lots big sis!

kmwiebe said...

Wow. Ninety days... That's impressive. Kudos.

kmwiebe said...

Oh. And nice new design! :) I like it.

Anonymous said...

We loved the song, it is so beautiful.
I wouldn't be able to do the 90 day plan either, I like to read each chapter slowly.