Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yesterday my big bro Josh fixed the pasture fence so we were able to put the horses out to pasture! I LOVE to watch my horses buck and gallop around as FINALLY after a LONG winter they are able to get out of their stuffy pen and run FREE. They are happy... and that makes me happy :)

Megan deemed these pictures to not be good enough to put on her photography blog... so I stole em' :) Pictures can't really describe how beautiful the horses are as the run and jump, but I couldn't help but give you a little glimpse!

RUN, RUN.... RUN!!!



Sierra's nose... yummy grass :)

My beautiful Princess

Picker just could not get enough of the grass!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I love seeing your horses! They are so pretty...it also reminds me of the fun times we had riding them:)

Love you! I sent you a letter yesterday. So keep an eye out!


kmwiebe said...

Wow. Animals always blow my mind with their magnificence.

Jenny's writings said...

Thanks Lizzy,
REALLY excited now Liz girl! I'll be excitedly checking the mailbox every time the mail comes in!!!
Love you BUNCHES!!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures Jenny!
I know what you mean,watching horses run free is pretty cool!
Can't wait to go riding!!
Love ya lots!