Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Memories Monday Part 2 (on Wednesday)

I guess I'll just start up where I left off!

I developed my love for animals at an early age. I don't really remember this cat, but there are lots of pictures in which it is sleeping with me in my bed :) I cannot remember a time that I did not love animals!

We loved doing this with daddy just as he was ready to head out the door :)

This picture was taken at Josh's birthday party.

We always loved to see how high we could get those lego towers!!

In this picture (below) Josh and look like we are best and forever friends! 
But the footage that mom captured that day on our video camera shows "the rest of the story". 
Josh and I were climbing the hill and sliding down having the time of our lives.
We each had our own little slide right beside each other. So that we could slide down at the same time.
Josh always got up that hill faster then me because I kept tripping on my scarf (didn't you always hate those scarves when you were little???) so at one point, he was sitting there waiting for me to come so we could slide down together. When I finally got to where he was he patted beside him and said "Jen sit here!!"
I wasn't about to let my big brother tell ME what to do, I wanted to slide where he was sitting!
So I shoved him and made him go down the slide!
He was NOT happy and threw a little tantrum right down at the bottom of the slide.
I sat on my new aquired throne waited a little bit for him to move, but I guess I was a little to impatient becuase I slid down and landed right on top of him! This of course made him all the more angry!  
Yes, I DID have to say sorry, but I did it in my own little innocent and happy way :)
So there ya have it.... I MAY LOOK cute, but watch out!!! :)

My 3rd birthday, I don't remember a whole lot about the party.... but I DO remember LOVING the cake!!

Snowman FUN!!!

At 3 1/2 I got another baby sister!!! All I remember is visiting mom in the hospital. We went with Grandma and Grandpa Pauls in their BIG van (it seemed HUGE to me!). I remember sitting on the hospital bed as I met my new baby sister for the first time. Oh, and the ballon.... can't forget giving mom the ballon that said "It's a girl!"

For my 4th birthday we made a trip to the zoo with Mom's side of the family. It was the first "zoo visit" that I could remember and I was REALLY excited. To make it all even more exciting, I got to wear a brand new dress that I got for my birthday (nothing makes a little girl happier!!).

Josh (on the polar bear statue), Me, Megan and Kerri with our Aunty Amanda

We topped off the day by going to Chuck E' Cheese. Ahh, what fun!!!

I probably have some of these pictures in the wrong order... but these next few are sibling pictures!

Spring 1995

The beginning of a lifelong friendship

Christmas 1995

This last picture is of me, my Uncle Travis, brother Josh and Aunty Amanda. We were putting on a on a play for some people in our basement. I can't remember a whole lot about it except that I was supposed to be a doll, Trav a robot, Josh a toy cowboy (we were all toys :) and Aunty Amanda was an upset housemaid :) Oh, and I remember singing songs, that is what we are doing in this picture!
 AND I remember practicing it.... LOTS!

And that's it....till Monday!


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Cute pictures Jen! You have a very cute older brother! :)

Joanna said...

You are too cute Jen! I love it! Reminds me of Noah and Nadie... :)

Anonymous said...

Aww Jen you are adorable, and your hair was so blonde!

In one of the pictures I think you and Jesse favor each other.

Love you, Liz