Sunday, January 11, 2015

This Saturday

Day six, a Saturday. We slept in, and cleaned the house. 
Nate's name was picked, and he opened his gift...

Mid-afternoon we packed up the crew and headed for Henry and Megan's to help celebrate Silas' birthday. 
We had so much fun! 

Si bear did an awesome job smashing his cake (his grandpa would be proud! :). 
He was so entertaining!

After the party, we said our "goodbyes" and headed home. 
Since the kids were so full of candy (thanks Megs! :), we fed them popcorn for supper. 

Nate asked to play with lego for his activity, so we did that until bedtime.
I am not sure who had more fun... the big kids, or the little kids! :)

We missed you especially this day... Saturdays are just not the same without you! The kids are beginning to ask "How many more sleeps till mom and dad get home?" more regularly now.
We are counting down the days! (or should I say... sleeps :)
Love you!

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