Monday, February 24, 2014

Here at home (Monday)...

Mom and Dad,

The kids did school this morning. 
They actually all got up early and were done a lot of it before we even started.

We cleaned the whole house today. 
The boys played hockey with Josh afterwards.
We started potty training Eli today. He went on the potty three or four times and only had two tiny accidents. He was quite proud! :)

In the evening Josh and Rebecca, as well as Henry and Megan came over with their kids for supper. 
We showed them the videos that you put on our youtube channel. Everyone enjoyed seeing the video that you last sent. It was cool seeing the place!
I gave Silas extra squeezes for you. 
He was cute as ever… first visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house! 
Just without the grandparents :(

We are excited to hear about the adventures that you had today.
 I was thinking about you much of the day, missing you.
Brooke asked me today much longer it would be until you are home. 
The x's continue to appear over each day on the calendar on the fridge. The countdown has transformed from 'how many days until you leave' to 'how many days until you come home'.
But… of course we are still having lots of fun, and know that you are as well!

Well, I'll leave you with pictures from today. Sadly there are not many. #havingtomuchfun

Love you, miss you!

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The Pauls' Family said...

Thanks for the update! We enjoy seeing all your faces so much!

Sadly I will not have any video of today as I couldn't bring my phone. I have stuff on the camera but no way to upload it right now! We did and saw many really neat things today including swimming in an underground river, snorkelling and watching a really exciting show this evening.

Way to go Eli....but mostly to the rest of you for taking this on!!!

I hope Caleb remembers that he got his gift early??? And I hope he enjoys the chocolate! I'm sure he's missing asking me if he can have hot chocolate every night :)

Now we need to get to bed and get ready for tomorrows adventures! Bright and early!!!

Love you and miss you all! Hugs and kisses all around!

Love Dad and Mom