Friday, February 21, 2014

Here at home...

After twenty five years of married bliss, twenty four years of parenthood, and the arrival of four grandchildren, mom and dad decided that it was time.
Time for a second honeymoon.
And so, after much dreaming, saving and planning… they hopped on a plane, more in love then they were a quarter of a century afore, and flew to the very very warm country of Mexico.
Ten days of greatly deserved relaxation and rejuvenation, each with the love of their life.

And as for us who remain at home, we also shall have the time of our lives. Not only because we are able to return some of the sacrifice and love that our parents have bestowed upon us all these years, but also because we too are among our best of friends.
And we know how to have a good time!

So once again begins a series of posts of life at home whilst our parents are away.
Because we miss our parents, and because we want them to be able to know that we are okay, that we are sane, and that we are having a blast.

Mom and Dad,

The kids were super excited to hear that each day they would receive a gift from you. Reading the notes that you left as well, it will be like opening a piece of your love for us, your children, everyday.
Today was Nathan's turn. 

(From Nate)
I hope that you are having a good time.
Thank you so so so so so much for the present! 
Today we played it, and it was SO much fun!
I hope I can see you soon!
Love you very much!
Love Nathan

We decided to give ourselves a long weekend to rest up from the late night we just had, and also to watch some of the Olympics. (Go Canada!!) 
So we did no school and the minimum amount of chore time.

We babysat Andy, Makayla and Brendan. 
In the evening we cranked up some christian tunes, all the kids immediately began to dance around the room to the music while we made supper (chicken pizza!!).

It was a good first day.
At this moment your grandkids and Eli are wrestling with Bob and Zach on the floor. 
I'm about to brave the COLD Canadian weather to do chores, we'll put the kiddies to bed, then it is "big kid" party time!

When you called and I heard your voice on the phone earlier today, 
it was hard to fathom that you were so far away. 
Make sure you enjoy that ocean experience and the warm weather especially much for me.
Hope that you are having a great first day/night!
Love you miss you!

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The Pauls' Family said...

Thanks all of you! Nate you are welcome! Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah Canada! We got updates on the flight and everyone cheered when they heard Canada had one! Glad you are having a long weekend!! Enjoy!!! Now I have to go brave the heat and walk along the ocean with the love of my life....sigh :) Love you all!!