Monday, September 28, 2015

Come along...

I know I had said that I would be posting here every week. I guess life got the best of me. It is almost mid-night already, the young kids are asleep, but for all of us old people *smile* our minds are still alive, and will be for some time.
All fourteen of us are headed out on another family adventure in the morning, so... the packing continues.

I am tired. But I wanted to quickly write a pre-trip post so that y'all would know what is going on.

We planned this trip so quickly that it is hard to wrap my brain around the fact that we are actually leaving tomorrow. Usually we have weeks to prepare, but in a bout of spontaneity we decided a few days before the fact that we would be taking off while there was a lull in the field work.

Needless to say. This household has been going crazy.

I hope to blog pictures and stories every day again as I have our other trips (when wifi allows of course. :)
We don't exactly know where we are going, but every one of us loved traveling to Arizona last year, so I imagine that we will end up back there again. In our family, part of the adventure is not planning ahead, but rather just living every day as it comes.

So... come along and join us for this addition of, a Pauls family vacation!

Oh, and in other news. I got my hair cut last week. Really short. Like shorter then I have had it since I was nine years old. It has been a huge change! But I wanted a change and get a fresh start with those split ends. 
Sorry for going on and on, but hair is kind of a big deal to me. :)



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Kaitlin W. (I did keep my last name btw, in case you're wondering if I have a different last name now xD) said...

When you said "really short" I immediately thought "boy cut" because I got one a couple years ago (and loved it). Now that I've been growing it out a while, my hair is juuust falling below my shoulders. xD

Your hair looks cute short. It's kind of more grown up imo, which is why I'm debating whether or not I should keep mine kind of at the jawline or keep growing it out. *shrug*

I like your dangly earrings btw. Pretties. :D