Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I have this funny habit when I am doing something, or thinking something and I decide to change what I am doing or steer my thoughts in a different direction I will say "Actually" out loud and then proceed to do or think what I had changed my mind to do...or think. It happens most often around the animals, they don't mind it to much. :)
(Don't worry, there is a reason that I shared this random bit of information.)

The other day I was looking on Pinterest  (I recently got my own account, so I spend a little bit more time on there then I used to. :) and I came across this quote;

It is only three words.
But these three words can hold such power in our lives if we really understand their inspirational meaning, and learn to believe it.

How many times when we are walking this journey called life do we tell ourselves "I can't"? We make up our minds before we try, or we begin to try but find the going hard and give up in defeat?

I know there are areas in my own life that I have looked at and decided that it was way to difficult to overcome. That the giants were to big to slay. The mountains to treacherous to climb.

Most of us know the verse in the bible that says "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." but do we really understand it's meaning? 
I can do ALL things with the help of Christ. All. Even those things that are seemingly impossible. Those things that you have been trying for years to do or conquer. 

Instead of believing the lie of "I can't", change your mind and tell yourself, actually... I can.
The biggest battle is in your mind, determining that you have the ability to do it, to overcome it, to be it.
"I can" is a promise from God. When I realized this and grabbed a hold of that promise, believing that I could do all things, and asking Jesus for His help, I began to win.

Whenever I feel doubt begin to creep back into my thoughts, I try to remember the promise. The one that tells me "You've got this!", the one that erases the fear, and builds confidence and strength in my life. 

When the "I can't" begins to speak loudly in your heart, change the direction of your thoughts and say;

Actually, I can. 
Because He promised.

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