Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Hello all! I'm very sorry that I haven't been blogging as of late... but we have been CRAZY busy. 

Christmas was AMAZING! We had Mom's parents and brother over Christmas Eve, as well as Josh, Becca and Andy. 
We played some hockey, had our big candlelight Christmas dinner, sang some Christmas carols, had fondue and ended the night off by watching "The Nativity Story". 
Everyone stayed over night.

Christmas morning we had brunch and Mom's Grandma joined us for the day. Sadly Josh and Rebecca had to leave after brunch, but we still had fun :)
We played some games, opened presents, went for a walk and had a great time just being together.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas...

Playing Hockey...

Your's truly

Okay, for all you hockey people out there... let me explain this picture. As you may have noticed, I'm wearing a Calgary Flames toque and a Maple Leafs Jersey. Ahem, just so you all know, I'm not really a Maple Leafs fan (except of course if they are ever playing a States team, I always cheer for the Canadian teams :), The only reason I'm wearing a Maple leafs Jersey is cause it is the only one that I have! I'm a DIE HARD Flames fan (and yes, I do know that they are the 2nd last in the western conference this year... PLEASE don't rub it in!).

Christmas Dinner

Getting Fondue ready...

Digging in!


Opening gifts

Going on a walk...


On the right and left are my AMAZING grandparents and in the middle is my Great- Grandmother. We were all sitting on the floor getting ready to play a game, and we asked her if she wanted to play, she said "yes" so we got ready to get her a chair. She refused the chair and promptly sat on the floor! She is a trooper I tell ya! And I love her to bits!

On the 27th we headed to Dad's parents place for our Pauls Christmas celebration there. We played games, ate lots of yummy food and watched some football.

Here we are at Grandpa and Grandma Pauls' opening gifts. And that is the only thing that we have pictures of doing. I guess we were all having to much fun to take any more :)

Ya, so that was our Christmas! 
I hope that you all had an AMAZING Christmas as well!


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Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Great pictures Jen. (; It was really fun spending our fist "real" Christmas together with you guys. I had a wonderful time, I love you guys!