Saturday, March 31, 2012

The brandon fair

It's been awhile! I remember when I first started this blog, I told myself that there was NO way that I was going to let my blog get boring. But I forgot that life brings changes, and those changes sometimes make life a little bit crazy.

Life has been rolling along.... really really fast :) It's hard to believe that it was just three weeks ago that lil' Elijah made his way into our family, yet at the same time it seems like he has always been here!
Finding our "new normal" has been more difficult then what I had imagined it would be. But it has been good all the same.

The other day we went to the Brandon Winter Fair.
It was our first family outing without Megan and with Eli... so it was kinda sad, but still REALLY fun!!
I'll leave you with some pictures of our day. And HOPEFULLY I'll be back soon.... but no promises :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny!

Wow it looks like ya'll had a fun time! I cannot beleive how big Jaden is getting. Love his cowboy boots, too cute :)

I think Brooke looks like Meg in these pics.

Love you, Liz

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, I am sure it was diffrent with out meg and with Eli. Pictures are great. I hope you are doing well.

Miss you Amanda