Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun Friday

This morning as we were about to get ready to do school.... we came up with a grand idea!

We decided to forget about books for the day.....

And go for a nature walk in our pasture, followed by a picnic at Star Mound.
We asked Becka and her lil' family to come along, she said yes and so and off we went!

I got a LOT of pictures to share because we just got a new camera yesterday and I was having fun trying it out. :) We have not had a proper camera since Megan got married!
I decided to cut it into two posts because it would be REALLLLY long if I just did it in one.
So anyhoo, here are the pics....

My Nephew Andrew

Off we go!

Sis Ker and Niece Makayla

All of the kiddoes!

Mikaya and Brooke

Checking out the cows!

Mikaya and Josiah

SWEET Elijah

One of our cows "Calfy"

Mom and Eli

Jesse with his lil' Nephew

Nate was trying to see if he could start the tree on fire :)

Jaden loves his biggest sis!

Taking a short cut

Two beauties!

Best friends, Jaden and Andy

Acting cool :)

Left to right: Zachary, Brooke, Nathan, Mikaya, Jesse and Josiah

Ain't she just precious???


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,
I am glad you got a new camera, I'm sure it's getting a workout :). It looks like ya'll had a fun day! I am looking forward to your next post! Brooke and Mikaya's hair is cute, did you fix it? I love the picture of Elijah and the one of Makayla.

I hope you are having a great weekend!

Love, Elizabeth

Breathe Deep said...

Thanks Liz! Yes, I did fix their hair :)
Love you!!!

Kaitlin said...

Love the photos. :D So adorable. Haha. The babies are really cute.

I miss Star Mound. And I kind of miss homeschooling, too. (Although University feels like almost the same thing. :P Just with more students and more teachers. And a less flexible schedule. XD) We're so lucky to have been given that unique experience, eh? I can see some of it's downsides, but I don't think I'd exchange my home school experience for anything else. :P