Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We've got snow!!

We got a huge dump of snow yesterday and today. 
What we think may be the hugest that we have had all year :)
This morning as I was trudging through knee deep snow on my way to the barn, I said out loud "I love this!". And the truth is that I really, really do!
I took some pictures of our winter wonderland this morning. And though the pictures just don't do justice (if you live around here you know what I mean!), I thought I'd share them with ya'll.

Head over to Mom's blog if you want to see some more snowy pictures :)


Megan said...

So much snow!!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Jenn, I really love it too!!

~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

Being a girl from the south, I have never experienced anything like this! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us! ;)
How are you doing, Jen? Hope the rest of your week is greatly blessed!

Jennifer said...

HEY McKenzie!!
You are very welcome. Ya'll should come visit sometime so you can experience it first hand :)
I'm doing fabulous! I hope you are doing good as well, and that you also have an AMAZING week!
*HUGS back* :)