Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crazy life/ Auntie's announcement

My life has taken a turn for the crazy.
And I can sum it all up in one word… babysitting.
Due to some unexpected circumstances… I have been doing a lot of it.
While mom and dad were on their annual mini vacation (Dad's birthday celebration), while Kerri had an ultrasound for ongoing stomach issues (getting some answers soon!), while Mikaya had an appendicitis attack (she spend the night in the hospital, but recovered without surgery), and while mom and dad help Megan with her new baby as she is recovering from a c-section (yes… AUNTIE AGAIN!!!).

Since Kerri has been pretty much out of commission (only able to help out verbally), I have been experiencing what life would be like if I had 9 kids.
It is crazy. But the fun kind of crazy. (no shortness of popcorn and movie nights ;)
There have been times when I have felt sorry for myself. But I've come to realize that everything, every season in life happens for a reason, God must be preparing me for a challenge up the road.
As a result of this realization, I am learning to embrace these moments and to do my best in every situation.

Anyway… enough of that. The real reason for this post is to announce a status change in my aunthood.
I am now auntie to 4!!!
As I already previously mentioned, Henry and Megan's baby was born!!
Silas Uriah Froese came into this world on January 12, 2014.
He is such a sweet baby boy and I have already fallen head over heals in love with this sweet face…

Picture taken by his mommy (Phraze Photography)

So that is an update on my life :)
Hopefully things will slow down a bit soon so that I will have more time to blog, but until then… adios.

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