Sunday, March 2, 2014

One more...

Mom and Dad,

This time has gone by both extremely fast and excruciatingly slow.
In a way it seems like forever ago that we said goodbye… yet it is hard to believe that it has actually been a whole ten days.

We went to church this morning. 
Beforehand Ker made baked oatmeal for the kids for breakfast 
and Mikaya got her turn to open her gift.

After church we went out for lunch at DQ with friends...

We. had. a. blast.

I'm quite sure that Pastor T had the most fun though…

We even were able to get a picture of Joanna smiling with her eyes open for the camera :)

We arrived home safe and sound, and promptly spend the rest of the day doing some relaxing.

Tomorrow is the day we get to see your faces again.
It couldn't come soon enough!
We will be praying for safe (and fun!) travels!

Love you, miss you!

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The Pauls' Family said...

Its 6:30 am and we have already went on a run. We figured since we would be sitting most of the day this would be a good thing to do :) Plus we have to enjoy every last minute of this beautiful weather!

So glad you had a good day yesterday and the weather cooperated so you could make it to church. Looks like Pastor T was lavished with love :)

I feel the same about the time going fast....and slow :) I am excited to see you all again! So adios for now and we will see you in a few hours!!!! Yeah!!!!!!
Love Mom